How to Migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce

Migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce

The competition between the eCommerce platforms is getting pretty intense. Every small, medium and large-scale enterprise is planning to launch an eCommerce store and then comes the big question- which platform to pick? With a wide range of options available around, choosing the right one has become more kind of a hassle than an easy breeze.

Now eCommerce platforms are many rights from Shopify to BigCommerce to Magento, Volusion, Prestashop, WooCommerce, and Adobe commerce, and each one is of a kind but the thing is that there is no point in choosing a sword when all you need is a small needle to make things work. Similarly, not every eCommerce platform can be used in every development project. Even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you must learn when to stick to one platform and when to make a switch. The following post focuses on when and how you can migrate from Shopify to BigCommerce.

Introducing Shopify and BigCommerce

Shopify and BigCommerce are the two most promising eCommerce platforms that have managed to create a seismic shift. Also, both of them are pretty easy to get started with and of course, they don’t cost an arm or leg.

So what is Shopify? Basically, it’s an eCommerce platform that enables anyone to launch and get started with an alluring store. And not just the website, even if you can sell products on social media platforms, Shopify has you covered totally! So to be precise, here you can sell anything whether it’s apparel/accessories or any kind of services, memberships, classes or lessons, Rentals and so forth. Further, down-below you will come across some benefits of using Shopify.

  • You are not creating an online store just for the sake of it, You need to monitor it regularly, go through the daily-generated reports and see how the store is performing. You can even bifurcate the high-performing product pages from the non-performing ones. 
  • Apart from monitoring, Shopify also assists you well when it comes to making the most of a free range of themes, features and functionalities. In fact, here you can customize any and every theme seamlessly right from the color to adding photos, modifying the text and whatnot! 
  • Check out the Shopify App Store. I am sure you will come across a wide range of apps, some of them might be free whereas for others you might have to pay. 

Now moving on, what is Bigcommerce? Well, it is one of the leading renowned hosted eCommerce platforms that offer Software-as-a-service (SaaS) for both merchants and retailers all across the globe. Much like Shopify, BigCommerce was also established in the year 2009 by Two Australians. Overall, BigCommerce is a premium hosted platform that comprises of a wide range of features such as 12 completely free templates, SEO-friendly features, a user-friendly drag-and-drop page design tool, Full-featured CMS, seamless integration with Paypal and other payment options, professional reporting, unlimited user accounts, incorporates Several Email Marketing Services and so forth.   

Further, it’s time to focus on why one must choose BigCommerce. In fact, several stats have shown that BigCommerce development is considered by 1.4 million users around the globe. Now let me provide you with some crucial benefits of considering BigCommerce. 

#1 Simple Onboarding – One of the core benefits of considering BigCommerce is that it allows simple onboarding. Even if you are a non-techie, you can onboard seamlessly. Yes, you don’t have to carry technical expertise to get things done. Also, the setup procedure is pretty much easy, and fast. So you can launch a website within less time than possible.

#2 Easy to use – Another benefit offered by BigCommerce is that it is way easy to use in comparison to other eCommerce platforms. Yes, right from managing a wide range of products to orders, and offering adequate refunds, BigCommerce can get you covered by all means. Also, here customers get a fair chance to access all the advanced filtering options, categories, reviews, and more.

#3 Mobile-friendly Themes and Templates – The next benefit offered by Bigcommerce is that you get a wide range of mobile-friendly themes and templates. And yes, here you can find both free and paid themes. It may quite interest you to know that around 71% of online shopping carts are abandoned because the themes or templates do not offer that specific look or feel. 

#4 SEO-ready – And the last benefit of using BigCommerce is that your site will be quite SEO-friendly. You know, SEO is extremely important if you want to stay afloat in today’s fiercely competitive environment.        

Now, here comes the big question – among the two aforementioned eCommerce platforms, more and more businesses are found making a switch, especially from Shopify to BigCommerce. Unfortunately, they aren’t doing it in the right manner. Let me show you how it’s done correctly.

How to Migrate From Shopify to BigCommerce?

Well, migrating from Shopify to BigCommerce is pretty simple, especially conducted using LitExtension migration. Let me show you by offering a step-by-step guide here.

  • Sign up on the LitExtension site – Fortunately, it is possible by using a Facebook or Google account
  • Time to Migrate – Once you have signed up, it’s time to migrate. Go to the migration page and then create a new migration using the top right button. Choose Shopify as Source Cart Type and enter the URL in the search bar.
  • Time to enter all the required data and information – Choose BigCommerce as the Target Cart Type and enter the URL into the blank bar.
  • It’s time to enter particular entities  especially the ones that you would like to migrate? If so, choose them. Here you can select either all of them or create a specific type of data such as specific types of products, customers and orders.
  • Now it’s time to perform the migration, i.e. from Shopify to Bigcommerce. Here you have two options available. First, you can opt for demo migration. Start with a limited number of entities. Here you can witness what will happen when the actual migration takes place. Well, the step is not a compulsion, if you want you can easily skip this one and click “skip demo migration” to begin with full migration.
  • As soon as the migration begins, you will find it running seamlessly on the server. So gone are the days when you were compelled to keep your PCs on while the data transfer takes place. So take a break, relax or have a cup of coffee! You will be notified once the process is done.
  • In case, if you don’t have time to conduct migration on your own, you can simply get in touch with a reliable software development company that offers such kind of services. Also, you can seek assistance from LitExtension’s dedicated support team who are available 24/7.

So that’s all for now! Good luck!

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Ricky Patel is ECommerce Developer at He writes on various topics about Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce & many  more.

  • January 7, 2023