Dynamic Search Ads – Why E-commerce Businesses Should Use Them?

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While every kind of business is trying to get its own online store, the competition of reaching out to a wider audience is increasing. Advertising brands using Google AdWords with SEO practices is the new game now.  We understand that competing with big players in the market can be hard and so we are sharing with you some of the most valuable information to help you win this game.So, if you haven’t already started using AdWords Dynamic Search Ads yet, you are surely missing out on a large number of relevant traffic for your website. These AdWords campaign fill in the gaps for keywords-based campaigns.

These work well for big businesses with a website that havea large inventory of products or services or a website that offers seasonal services or products.

For Instance– Supposedly, you own an international hotel chain. Now if someone searches for “luxury hotel in New York” comes across your ad with headline “Luxury hotel-NYC” and clickson it. Now the user will be redirected on the site of your top New York hotel location.

Tips to Optimize the DSA Campaign to gain more profit-

  • Create a robust campaign structure
  • Search term optimization
  • Usage of negative keywords
  • Optimization of webpages

Why Use Google dynamic search ads- The benefits

  1. Automated Updates

This is one of the most important reasons for using dynamic search ads; it automatically updates for you. Obviously, who would want to go through and update all the ad copies manually? Whenever you make any change in your current e-commerce website, Google will automatically scan it to assure that they are collecting data from the most recent version of the website. In this way, these search ads take that pain away and ease out your work.

  1. A Big Time Saver
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Yes! Google dynamic search ads are a big time saver as they fill the gap of keyword-based campaigning. You are no more required to create a long list of keywords, or map keywords.Since Google does constantly scan for extracting information from your website, it cuts down the above-described work. These dynamic search ads also generate headlines for your ad which are slightly longer than the usual texts in the ads to give a better ‘airtime’ to your ads online.

  1. Ad Creation Became Easier

Ads can be created dynamically and easily as their headlines are generated dynamically based on the actual product. This product is chosen after it matches the query in the system. This dynamic headline is most important as it seeks the attention of users and drives more and more clicks.

  1. Customize Your Campaign

Being the controller, you are the one to decide if you want to display ads based on your entire website or some of the particular featured product or pages. You have the privilege of not displaying those ads that are shown temporarily on your website. While creating the campaign you can add your own description of the product or services and display URLs of your choice.

  1. Easy Set Up

Since dynamic search ads ease down a lot of your workload by eliminating the need for creating a search campaign with use of keywords, it becomes easy to set up DSAs(Dynamic Search Ads).  This easy set up saves time and money of the advertiser.


Dynamic Search Ads have become one of the digital marketing companies favorite among all the SEM techniques for targeting relevant audiences and generating leads. Those websites that constantly keep on changing their products can leverage DSAs to advertise on sites. These DSAs are beneficial for mining new keywords and harvesting data.

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  • November 16, 2018