Top Blogs to Chase to Become an SEO Expert

Become an SEO Expert

Nowadays SEO is a crucial strategy to follow for all the people who either desire to expand their websites or businesses. However, you do not know how you can become an SEO expert? So, to make your task easy, below are the top ten SEO blogs to chase to become a master in this stream. If these blogs are not sufficient for you, then consult Orlando SEO to upgrade yourself on this niche:


Backlinko is the most famous single‐author SEO blog founded by Brian Dean. Brian rarely publishes new content because his approach is quality over quantity. However, when he does, he comes up with modern SEO strategies which are a great source of learning for most SEO lovers.  Therefore, he is one to follow closely.


Ahrefs is another popular multi-author blog to chase to learn SEO on an advanced scale. Dmitry Gerasimenko founded this blog to provide you with detailed tutorials, case studies and opinion pieces of SEO and marketing.


Moz is again a multi-author blog founded by Rand Fishkin which is the most well‐known SEO blog for providing a ton of great stuff over the years on a regular basis. Therefore, you must follow Moz to stay updated on a routine basis.

Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Perhaps Search Engine Watch launched by Danny Sullivan in 1996 is the oldest SEO blog on your list. However, for me, SEW is halfway between a blog and a news website as they publish a mixture of guides and news articles written by well‐known contributors and columnists.

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Hobo-web founded by Shaun Anderson is undoubtedly one of the best single‐author SEO blogs out there because the way he delivers his marketing knowledge to his followers is remarkable. Also, because of his twenty years of experience in online marketing, he blesses his audience with well-structured and pleasure to read articles.


SEMRush is a multi-author blog founded by Dmitri Melnikov and Oleg Schegolev which kicks out a lot of SEO‐related content including the contribution of many well-known names such as Authority Hacker Gael Breton, White Hat Link Building Trainer Ryan Stewart, and many more. 

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward began his blog as an experiment in 2012. However, because of his knowledge and in-depth tutorials about internal linking and affiliate marketing, he grew his blog to six figures in under a year. Though his blog does not focus purely on SEO, still he writes a lot about SEO.

Search Engine Land (SEL)

Danny Sullivan after leaving Search Engine Watch founded multi-author Search Engine Land in 2006 to focus on SEO news entirely. Therefore, if you want to stay up to speed with the SEO industry, then SEL is worth following.

Search Engine Journal (SEJ)

SEJ is another well‐known multi-author SEO news blog founded by Loren Baker in 2003. Similar to Search Engine Land, the blog authors exclusively focus on SEO news. Though they occasionally publish content; however, the article ‘Extensive History of Google Algorithm Updates’ is a must‐read write-up for people who are beginners to the SEO game.


If you run your website on WordPress, then you must surely know about the Yoast SEO plugin. However, the strange thing is Yoast also has a multi-author SEO blog founded by Joost De Valk whose most content focuses on SEO content, technical SEO, and WordPress SEO.

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To conclude, the above are the world-class blogs to visit on a regular basis to upgrade your knowledge about SEO. Also, the knowledge acquired from these blogs will help you to grow your business on a bigger scale that too in a shorter span of time.

  • November 16, 2018