10 Social Media Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Business

10 Social Media Marketing Strategies For E-commerce Business

2017 is long gone and hello there 2018! The time has come to pause and start evaluating marketing practices, mostly covering the digital realm. The way technology is developing so quickly, it won’t be long when e-commerce websites will keep new trends to surpass the current competition. So, unless you are pretty sure of the latest Social Media Marketing Strategies, it is hard to let your business score high ranks as anticipated. So, keep clam and let’s just dive right into the 10 most promising social media based marketing strategies, designed solely for your e-commerce business.

#1. Hitting it off with artificial intelligence:

AI is one of the mist talked technology these days, mostly covering the realm of digital marketing. Marketers are currently maximizing efficiency for protecting their ROI as the digital market is already predicted to reach a mark of $77.37 billion. AI is the finest strategy as it helps in performing everything, right from product recommendation to content services, SEO to chatting with potential clients and even deep learning.

#2. Customer involvement:

Customers always expect you to gloat more about your items. However, if they get prove of real people using your items, it won’t be long when your business might reach the pinnacle of success! Letting customers be a part of your business will make it more transparent and relatable and prove to be one of the best Strategies For E-commerce Business growth. So, you are always invited to try post pictures of customers using your item on social media to grab attention frequently than ever!

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#3. Inspirational quote on social media:

A twitter post about your company’s product with an image is what you need for growing your business to another level. As per Buffer, quotes are known to have around 19% of re-tweets. Twitter loves quotes because of their effective, sweet and short nature. So, try adding that to your list and see your business flourish like never before!

#4. More on Augmented reality:

Recent studies have indicated that around 60 to 70% of customers are using the AR devices, which includes digital marketing in the list. Augmented reality is known to use current technology for augmenting elements into real life scenarios.

  • Users will start looking at reality based surroundings through a device.
  • This device, on the other hand, will add computer based sensory input like videos, sounds and graphics for adding more experience to it.
  • It is perfect for e-commerce source, as most of them rely on customers able to visualizing product in real space.

#5. Time for live video addition:

In case you are associated with company outing or party, make sure to share experience through some live social media videos.  Try posting status on FB or just share a tweet in Twitter and set up a live mode to it. You are also invited to use Periscope, a video app to offer live tour of your place to help customers get better insight. It is a perfect way to engage customers in the most transparent manner and open door to stronger professional relationships.

#6. Motivational images on Pinterest:

Pinterest is known as a perfect spot for those brands curate contents. But, it also holds a special spot for those brands creating some new and original contents for this platform. As per the news from Marketing Land, around 80% of these users are women. So, creating a content dedicated for attracting women can help in enriching the user-base of platform immediately.

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#7. Data visualization in the list:

The field of data visualization solely involves conveying proper factual information to audience in a quick manner. It can take place through graph, chart or even animation.

  • It mostly takes the form of info graphics, which is also effective in showing potential customers some important statistics to convey ideas about service or product from e-commerce site.
  • Another skill in this regard has to be statistical analysis. In this regard, developing proficiency in the current data visualization is perfect for advertiser.

#8. Promising use of hashtags: 

Best and well-trained Dedicated Magento developer is well-aware of the importance of hashtags (#), these days. Hashtags on your company’s Instagram page or Twitter account is a perfect way to connect to people from multiple backgrounds. It is vital to use some of the industrial based hashtags for gaining some traction from users, currently searching for words you have tagged specifically. It is perfect to gain some new leads from people, who may not have heard about you before.

#9. Introducing Slideshare:

With more than 400,000 presentation already and uploaded on a monthly scale, SlideShare helps ecommerce websites and users to present some distilled versions of content to multiple sets of audiences.

  • It solely acts as cloud based sliding platform, focusing more like a Powerpoint based idea.
  • It helps e-commerce sources to help direct some more traffic to own website.
  • On the other hand, it is perfect for lead generation services, which will help you to embed contact form into any of the Slideshare file.
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#10. Going for marketing campaigns:

In case, you are currently planning for an extensive version of content based marketing campaign, get set with Magento Development Service first. The experts are proud to address you help in this regard.

  • To plan for extensive marketing campaign, you are always invited to use social media as proper way to tease launch.
  • You can post a piece of your marketing campaign on a daily basis and start countdown. It helps in growing unrest among potential customers.
  • You can also format the post in style, which might easily match with each social media platform.

Get started with actions!

Once you are through with the points, it is time to get started with it. Come to learn more about the services in details, and everything will work out eventually. By just maintaining the latest updates in the digital marketing strategies, your e-commerce source will be all up and ready for the next year and more. Each year has something new to throw at you! Now, you are always prepared to play your parts well!

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  • May 11, 2018