HumCommerce – A must have e-commerce CRO tool

A must have e-commerce CRO tool

Over the period of time, development of e-commerce stores has touched the highest sky. Undoubtedly, this sector of online sales and transactions has become an important part of the modern world businesses.

Not just an e-commerce store provides you an opportunity to showcase your products and services 24/7 but also lets you relish a good exposure of business to a worldwide market. Owing to the scarcity of time, people these days only prefer shopping online. This, in turn, gives you another chance to make revenue with ease. On top of that, knowing your customers’ feedback for the products that you are selling even becomes easier with an e-commerce store.

However, that’s not where your story ends. To gain immense growth through your e-commerce store, you must ensure that you have a profound understanding of data analyzing, including conversion optimization and more.

It’s not only about having a peek inside your data. However, but it’s also all about understanding every result and then acting according. With proper data in hand, you can easily execute several strategies and techniques to provide a fulfilling experience to your customers.

Why Is Analytics Important?

Basically, analytics is nothing but information that can be gained through an organized analysis of statistics and data. With this analytics, you can have a deeper understanding of your customers, website, and products that you are selling. In this way, you can get an overview of what isn’t working and what is.

However, more than anything, having proper analytics helps you properly manage all three essential pillars of the e-commerce store, such as the marketplace, buyers, and sellers. But, when it comes to digging into the data and statistic, you’d need an advanced tool to do so.

Out of all of them, HumCommerce is a tool that can help you in every possible way. This tool can help you keep the conversion rate balanced. There are several features that HumCommerce boasts about, such as visitor recording, sales funnel, heat maps, and much more. Right from traditional analytics to behavioral, this tool can help you gather everything.

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Let’s have a look at its features and understand this tool further.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Also known as Split Testing or Bucket Testing, this one is a methodology that helps you experiment and choose the best. This feature allows you to put a comparison of two different styles of a similar web page.

And then, through live traffic, you’d be able to find out which one is effective and attracting most of your visitors. Hence, you can then create a website which is user-friendly in its truest form.


The heat map is one such feature that helps you get an update of how people are interacting with your e-commerce store. Whether you want to know where they are moving cursors or you’re keen to find out how long they scroll down, this kind of data can be presented only by heat maps.

With HumCommerce, you can have a look at separate data that is coming from different devices, like mobiles, desktops, and tablets. Not just that, but HumCommerce provides three kinds of heat maps, like:

Scroll Maps

HumCommerce scroll heatmap

If your web pages are quite long and you want to know how far your visitors are going, this feature would be appropriate. With scroll maps, you can find out a percentage of people who scrolled up to a specific part. Moreover, it also lets you know the section where most of your visitors spend their time.

Click Maps


Just as the name suggests, this feature allows you to know more about the number of clicks that came your way. If you have a lot of links in your site, which you’d obviously have, then this feature can tell how which element got the maximum clicks. Further, it even brings available faults into your attention.

Hover Maps


With hover maps, you can figure out those sections of your website where your visitors move their cursors the most. This mouse movement map lets you understand which content is appealing to them by bringing forth the data that includes those areas where they remain fixed for a while.

Visitor Session Recordings


Not specifically an e-commerce store, even if you’re just coming up with a simple website, you’d want to know the interaction status, right? Therefore, visitor recording, also known as session recordings, provides you the specific data of what your visitors are doing on your site.

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This data can surely help you find out the most and least famous areas of your site. And then, you can even get the data of which buttons or links are getting most and least clicks.

Custom Reports

Let’s keep every amazing feature aside for a minute and appreciate the effectiveness of customized reports. There are such times when standard reports may not fulfill all your requirements.

In such a scenario, HumCommerce provides customized reports. With these reports, you’d be able to optimize your e-commerce store, set new goals, and achieve them as well seamlessly.

Not just that, but in these reports, you can get more than 200 metrics, dimensions, and visualizations listed. From these options, you can select the ones that seem beneficial to your e-store.

Insights of E-Commerce Store


When you’re running an e-commerce store, it becomes important for you to have an insight into every possible aspect. While overall data is always beneficial, you can’t neglect the vitality of individual factors.

Hence, with e-commerce insights, you can find out how every single product is performing. This data is critically based on website visits, conversion rates, revenue, etc. Once you’ve got this data, you’ll be able to improve your products and customer services accordingly.

Moreover, this feature of HumCommerce even provides you abandoned cart related data. With this, you can find out the percentage of abandonment, products that have been abandoned, revenue that was left in the cart, and more. Users’ Flow:

This feature is quite helpful as it lets you have an idea of how your visitors are reaching your e-commerce store. Not just the source, but this feature even lets you figure out if there are some problems or bugs.

Furthermore, with this feature, you can find out whether your CTA buttons are working or not. This kind of data will lead to the adequate execution of conversion optimization.

Search Engine Keywords


SEO is surely an important technique to make your e-commerce store reach a wide range of audience. However, to rank higher, it’s obvious that you’d have to know the right set of relevant keywords that your target audience searches the most on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, right?

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Therefore, with this feature, you can fulfill that requirement very easily. Along with keywords, the list also has different essential data, such as impressions, click numbers, click through rate, and search result position.

Form Analytics

If your e-commerce store has a form, bet this feature would be all you’d want to have. Form Analytics feature of HumCommerce lets you see how your audience is interacting with forms available on your website. Furthermore, you can even know if there are some problems in the form or not. And then, optimizing can be done accordingly.

Conversion Funnels

HumCommerce e-commerce sales funnel.png

Sales funnel is, indeed, an important aspect for you if you intend to make your e-commerce store work out. Only through this feature, you can measure the journey of your customers throughout the different stages of a conversion funnel.

So, this feature helps you find out the loopholes in your conversion funnel and makes the optimization easier. With this one, you can create a funnel and can also see at exactly which point your customers are leaving your website.

Setting Up HumCommerce

Unlike other tools, setting up HumCommerce is just a matter of few minutes. It doesn’t require vigorous time consumption or expert knowledge to use this tool. Not just you can set it up with ease, but once you’ve started using it, you can even get a hold on it within a few minutes.

As far as the costing factor is concerned, then HumCommerce is available in both free version of HumCommerce and paid versions. While the free version is also lifelong, unlike other tools; paid version comes with some additional advanced features.

If you think you’ll be satisfied with the free version, you can go ahead with it. On the other hand, paid version even has three different categories – where features and costs vary significantly. Therefore, you can choose it according to your own needs.


Surely, running an e-commerce store isn’t as easy as daydreaming about it. It takes a lot of time, efforts, tweaks, and edits to reach that level where you can earn from it adequately. While you may find a gamut of tools out there for conversion rate optimization, HumCommerce brings several advanced features at a comparatively low budget.

So, if you’re looking forward to increasing your sales and satisfy more and more customers, give this tool a try right away. You can even begin with a free version and then move on to the paid version if everything settles down for you.

  • October 17, 2018