Can You Spot The Difference Between A Content Management System (CMS), Blog, Web Editor And An Online Site Builder?


When you are trying to create or update a website, you will be met with all these terms and it can be pretty confusing to decide what each means and which of these is relevant for you.

Definition of terms

So first, let us see what each of these terms mean, shall we?

A CMS is a web application designed to make it possible for non-techies to manage a website, primarily through content editing.A web editor is a software program used to create and edit web pages using HTML code.

An online site builder is a kind of CMS that facilitates a non-techie to run small website projects. A blog is basically a website that maintains a continuous chronological commentary on a particular subject.

Now that we have the definitions out of the way, let’s see how all these elements compare to each other.

Site builders and editors

When you are thinking about creating or updating your website, you have several options. One such option is whether to use a web editor or a text editor. You write all your articles on a program called an editor after which they are saved as web pages and moved to a web host where they go live on the net. The editor can be a visual web editor or a plain text editor.

These editors can at times be referred to as website builders. This is because of programs that refer to themselves as desktop publishing software. This is a misuse of the term website builder because these programs are really just web editors under a different name.

As for the actual site builders, there are standalone site builders and online site builders. The difference here is that the online site builder does not require any program to run on your computer. It is all done on the web host’s computer and it is then placed on your site, unlike with the standalone website builders or you can get the website build by top web design company like – Big Drop Inc.

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CMS, blogs and online site builders

A content management system (CMS) is software that you install on your web host’s computer. It installs directly to your website and you can use it to manage the content on your website. It is rather similar to an online site builder because when you have a CMS you won’t need to install any program to your computer to create or manage your website because you can do that directly with your browser.

However, there are several substantial differences. For instance, with a CMS, you control the software, visual design and end product of your website because you are not tied to your web host, which is not the case with online site builders.

A subset of CMS is the blogging software; only it has fewer features because it is design for people who only want to blog. Recently developed free blogging software has so many more features that they are almost identical to a complete CMS with all its functions and failings.

  • January 18, 2018