Filemaker Templates, Your New App Building Partner

Filemaker Templates

Filemaker templates, your new app building partner Technology has become part and parcel of our day to day living. Right from your home, car, office, you name it. We are relying on one form of technology or the other to get things done.

This is more pronounced in the business environment where different technological solutions are being developed daily to help carry out certain functions. Filemaker is one of these solutions. It allows you to make a custom application to help you efficiently perform a particular task. This may still seem a little complicated to some, but not to worry.

Filemaker solutions have been provided for you who need a stepping stone to build that app that is particularly unique to your task/s. What are FileMaker templates? These are templates that have been created based on the demand for the creation of customized applications.

The most common software like Microsoft Word, for example, has got a ase’ from which you can start writing a particular kind of document. This ase’ is what is called a template. This gives you a skeleton of what you want to create from which you can build the body. Filemaker templates have been created using the same concept; to help guide you make an application that is particularly suited to your operations.

How do the templates work?

The templates are pre-designed to perform certain general functions from which you can go into specifics as per your needs. So far, there are three kinds of templates that have been developed to provide solutions in three areas:

  • Job tracking
  • Event management
  • Memberships
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If one of the above functions is core to the functioning of your business, then there is an easy FileMaker solution for you. This simply translates to one being able, for example, to track jobs assigned to various employees or freelancers using a custom application built using FileMaker but with the help of a template.

The templates comprise of three parts:

  1. The core file. This component is the base of the template from which you start to build your custom application.
  2. Tutorials. The tutorials specifically help you learn how to add build-on features onto the core file. This is where the customization of your application begins. These guides may seem a little cumbersome and hard to understand at first. You need the patience before you get the hang of it. It is more of a downhill drive from there.
  3. The Build-ons file. This file contains all the components that provide different options provided to you when building your application. It is like a junction with several roads; you pick the one you are most comfortable to drive on. It may also be the one that gets you to where you are going the fastest. That is the beauty of these FileMaker solutions; you have a choice even though you may not be an expert in the field.

So basically the utilization of these three components allows you to come up with a design and specific function/s best suited to your task. Why use FileMaker templates? There are several advantages, most of which apply to the less tech-savvy persons:

  • You do not need to be an IT expert to create your own application; you just need basic computer comprehension.
  • It significantly saves on time as you are simply building on a set foundation.
  • The process exposes the user to the actual making of apps; this knowledge can be used to get deeper into the whole technology.
  • It is suitable for persons with different levels of comprehension, right from beginners to professionals. So finally This should definitely be an item of interest to anyone looking to streamline different aspects of an organization.
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  • April 1, 2019