Which SEO Website Builder Is the Friendliest for Search Engines?

SEO Website Builder

Want to succeed as an online business man? Looking to earn loads of profit through the internet? Then it is important that you build a website which stands out among the others.

When you are running an online business you need to have a website which can easily rank on search engines in order to get as much web traffic as you can. For that to come to pass you need to find a website builder which will allow you to build the website which suits best to your requirements, which is SEO friendly and helps in ranking you on search engines quickly.

When it comes to choosing the right builder for your website the choice is never easy because of the plethora of website builders available. What you need to understand is the fact that every website builder has its unique features and every different platform suits best to every different types of websites.

But you don’t have to worry about surfing the internet to learn about different website builders and what they offer and who can be the best for your website. Below we are going to discuss about a few website builders so you can judge for yourself about the best option for your website.


Well you must be aware of wordpress by now which is most probably the most popular website builder around. WordPress offers a load of customized designs and themes to choose from and comes with a lot of tools, plugins and functions which make your website quite engaging making it one of the most SEO friendly website builder at the moment.

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But with wordpress you would still not get the complete package as wordpress suffers due its roots as ab blogging platform. Secondly wordpress may come with a lot of tools but it is not a go-to builder for starters as it can get complicated if you don’t have any development assistance. Also it is not supportive of e-commerce website due to it being a blogging platform before


Shopify is an easy to use website builder for shopping and e-commerce website. This is where you can design a website with a simple payment integration allowing you to sell goods very easily. Again shopify also offers a lot of plugins for website optimization on search engines and if you are facing any issues you can find a large community to help you out on shopify.

Unfortunately shopify can be quite expensive for website owners as most of the tools and plugins come with a heft cost, even the HTML sitemap is not free. You would have to make a lot of subscriptions to get your work done hence raising your budget.


Weebly comes as one of the most easy-to-use platforms where you can create free website where you will get tools for editing meta title and descriptions which can be great for SEO. But eventually you will come up short of features and tools if you want to get a complete package.

Weebly is great for starters to learn but it doesn’t have all the features and tools you would need to get a completely SEO friendly website.


Ghost comes as very simple yet modern builder to wordpress. The best thing about ghost is that it has built-in features for SEO and social sharing allowing you to easily maneuver. One other thing about ghost is that it does not require any plugin and the need to get a developer for coding is not needed.

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The only drawbacks are that it is not supportive of e-commerce websites and you wont find much support on this platform.


It must be said that there are a number of website builders which can be the right fit for different types of websites. All you have to do is understand and identify the website style which suits your business well and choose a builder which will work well for your website and provide a friendly foundation for your website’s SEO.


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  • May 21, 2019