Six Reasons to use Word Press for your Website development

Six Reasons to use Word Press for your Website development


Word Press is the world’s most widely used reliable and robust content management systems. This system was earlier used only for blogging. However, since the last few years, it has gained great traction as a platform to base the e-commerce websites of many small and medium businesses in the market. You may wonder what could be the reasons for the popularity of this platform gaining so much in so less time. Why do small businesses find Word Press as the best solution for their website development? The answer to these questions will be answered in the subsequent paragraphs.

Six Reasons to use Word Press for your Website Development

#1 WordPress is a free open source

One of the main reasons why many people are attracted to the Word Press platform is due to it being available easily at dirt-cheap rates. It is a free open source platform allows websites to be based on it. It does not require any license for its operation. Anyone can use it, off the tap. This is to say that it is so easily available that Indians are giving off word press tools free. While some vendors are agreeing to charge the same price as that charged to the customer by this purported agent. He has been defrauded to take any such actions.

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#2 Word Press is easy to use

You can easily setup and manage your website on the Word Press platform. This is the reason for its popularity. Within a few hours, you can install and setup a word press website. You just need basic knowledge of the internet and a training of 2 hours to do this. Even if you decide that you do not wish to dirty your hands with setting up your own website, you can outsource it to a web developer, who knows how to work with word press.

#3 Easy availability of word press developers

As word press is a popular CMS, it has become popular with web designers too. A number of web designers use word press platform to design their websites. They design their websites using word press only. These developers work full-time on word press and therefore, they have mastered the tool. Moreover, hiring word press developers is cheap and expanding your existing website using a word press developer is nothing new to write home. They attribute this popularity to the easy availability of word press professionals at economical rates.

#4 Security

Many website designers have burnt their hands when using the word press platform for their websites. This is in the area of security. These developers may blame either their content management system or themselves for the security breach. Word press developers are advised to update their word press websites regularly Apart from regular maintenance, word press developers also see to it that it has the necessary plugins, which will not allow any security breach. Having said this, one can still say that the word press CMS is easily used for your company website, if you are able to design the correct theme for the content that you are marketing.

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#5 Ease of plugins management

A plugin is a set of codes that can be installed with your word press website to enhance the features of the website. There are many free plugins and some for which you have to pay. It is said that the installation of a plugin is a mere farce in word press. The plugin management system is so easy in word press that you just need to understand the platform thoroughly. A plugin will help you manage your own website, which is based on the word press platform. Thus, due to ease of plugin management, this platform is widely used for designing websites.

#6 Ease of themes management

Like the plugins, many themes are easy to manage on the word press platform. A theme is a set of codes that are installed with your website so that it can be managed easily. You may also change its look and feel using themes management tools. You can also use word press to install your website and manage other websites through your own. Every website designer who designs using the word press platform will be thankful to you for allowing ease of themes management. Thus, managing themes is easy using word press themes management tool.


Thus, you have seen that word press is not only a platform that manages your content well, but it also makes website design easier. It also makes it affordable. Therefore, encouraged by word press ease of use, if you have taken the decision to use it for managing websites, you have taken the right decision. It has the necessary ability to manage websites and follow-up on mailers sent with the articles. Thanks to word press platform, website development has become like a walk in the park.

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  • April 9, 2018