Hashtag Analytics and Research: The Ultimate Guide and 5 Best Hashtag Research Tools

Best Hashtag Research Tools

Today, hashtags have become an integral part of social media marketing and become the essential part of your marketing strategy. It helps you draw an audience and reach more people. But for an effective hashtag you need to know hashtag analytics tools to monitor how your content is performing. Many social media marketers use hashtag analytics tools strategically to increase your brand’s social media marketing.

In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about hashtag analytics and 5 best tools to perform hashtag analytics.

What is a hashtag?

Hashtag are keywords or phrases that involve a (#) hash or pound symbol in front of them. For example #youcan, #justdoit. It helps to categorize your social media content to make it easier for the user to find.

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Different Types of Hashtags

●     Branded hashtags-

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Branded hashtags are used by the brands for their names or products. Companies use these hashtags to promote or to create awareness of the brand. For example, samsung uses #galaxyM33 for their new launch. Using these hashtags helps you track how your brand/products are  performing in the market.

●     Trending hashtags-

Branded hashtags are used by the brands for their names or products. Companies use these hashtags to promote or to create awareness of the brand. For example, samsung uses #galaxyM33 for their new launch. Using these hashtags helps you track how your brand/products are  performing in the market.

●     Trending hashtags-

Trending hashtags are the tags that are famous at a particular time. Thes hashtags keep on changing according to the conversation. You can easily find the trending hashtags on the ‘What’s Happening’ section of twitter.

●     Event & campaign hashtags-

Source: https://twitter.com/OriginalFunko/status/1347664451911241735?s=20&t=mPepqXLZ-4nJNWjbaoVrYA

Event & campaign hashtags are the hashtags created by the company for a specific launch or social media campaign. For example Starbucks uses different hashtags every time for promoting a new drink. These hashtags help to create buzz around the market.

●     Content hashtags-

Content hashtags are the keywords related to the content. For example #twittermarketing can be considered as content hashtag. You can track the engagement metric of your content with the help of these hashtags.

●     Influencer hashtags-

These hashtags are used by the influencers to promote their content on Twitter or other social media platforms, it also helps the brands to find their key influencers to boost their engagement. 

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What do you mean by Hashtag analytics?

Hashtag analytics is a process to track your hashtags insights and engagement metrics. It helps to keep a record of your company’s social media marketing which is very helpful in creating new strategies. Hashtag analytics such as Tweets, Engagement, Likes, retweets, Users, influencers & contributors, Reach and impressions, and much more.

How do you track Hashtag performance?

Hashtags are the most effective ways of increasing your social media reach organically. .If you want to track your hashtag performance you can go to the analytic section of your Twitter account to discover which hashtags deliver the most engagement and average number of likes and comments. Unfortunately, Twitter provides limited access to analytics and does not allow access to analytics for other users.

To do so, you need an effective hashtag monitoring tool that can provide a comprehensive analysis of any hashtag in real-time. Although to maximize success rates, you need to track hashtag performance metrics in real-time using effective tools. There are various tools out there that can help you increase your brand’s social media presence. Such tools have been mentioned below, just go with the flow.

Important Hashtag Analytics metrics

❖    Reach and Impressions-

For an efficient strategy it is important to know your overall hashtag performance. Hashtag analytic tools help with the metrics of the foremost searchable or reached hashtag and the number of times a hashtag has appeared in the user’s timeline. It also provides the impression that’s the number of users who have seen the hashtag.

❖    Engagement-

Monitoring your brand’s engagement helps to understand your reach in the market. Hashtag analytics displays the amount of times a user has used, reacted or retweeted using your hashtag. It helps you to seek out the hashtag that drives the most engagement.

❖    Popularity-

Using the right and relevant hashtag is the best way to gather engagement and reach to drive users to your twitter profile and create your brand awareness. 

❖    Demographics-

It’s important to keep your target audience in mind when you use your hashtag  to identify that you have to see which hashtag is bringing the most traffic on your tweets, and explore more options for hashtags.

Hashtag Best Practices

●     Perform research to seek out best hashtags

Hashtag analytics tools will help to extract insights and statistics to research your Twitter profile’s performance metrics. The tools also can help you make data-driven marketing decisions to increase your brand’s social media authority.

●     Track useful hashtag metrics

For marketing your brand it’s very important to track your content hashtag performances for an impactful strategy. it’ll help you to improvise your hashtag marketing.

●     Analyze competitors hashtags

It is equally important to analyze your competitors’ performance metrics. employing a third-party Twitter analytics tool, you’ll track and analyze the performance metrics of your competitors. you’ll implement their social media and hashtag marketing strategies to grow your brand.

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●     Use right number of hashtags

 The importance of hashtags differ on various social media platforms. Let’s just discuss the use of hashtags on each social media platform.

  1. Facebook– Facebook is a vast social media platform with the largest number of daily active users. Facebook also allows posting with a hashtag, however they don’t make any difference in terms of content performance.
  2. Instagram– Instagram is another social media platform where hashtags are used for marketing, instagram allows to post 30 hashtags with one post but posts with 9 hashtags are proven the most effective.
  3. Twitter– Twitter is a platform where hashtags are primarily used for effective marketing. 1-2 hashtags per tweet are enough as 2 hashtags draw 17% less engagement whereas tweets with 1 hashtag are likely to draw 55%more engagement.
  4. LinkedIn– LinkIn is a professional networking platform who has recently adopted hashtags. It plays an important role in conversation between the user, 2-3 hashtags are effective when it comes to LinkedIn as more than 5 hashtags in one post algorithm marks it as spam.
  5. YouTube– Youtube also provides a hashtag section for their users. Upto 15 hashtags are valid and approved but anything over that will be ignored by the platform.

5 Best Hashtag Analytics Tools

1.   Trackmyhashtag

TrackMyHashtag is one among the outstanding, AI enabled Twitter analytics tools which will monitor any hashtag, mentions and keyword and provides you an instant update of your performance metrics to improve Twitter marketing. The tool also fetches the historical data associated with any hashtag or any topic since 2006.

TrackMyHashtag’s real-time features enables users to obtain:

  • Real-time hashtag tracking
  • Identify the foremost engaging media, hashtags, and URLs
  • Geographical insights in real-time
  • Identify influencers to market your brand
  • Track tweet timeline as well as daily and weekly pattern

With the assistance of TrackMyHashtag you can analyze your competitors’ activity, reach and engagement to plan your marketing strategy and improve your Twitter campaign’s overall performance.

2.   Brand24

Brand24 provides the power to measure Twitter’s hashtags and performance, that’s you can stay up-to-date with all the new exciting and interesting conversation, the tool also helps to watch your performance on multiple social media platforms,with 100% accuracurate reach of your Twitter marketing and engagement.

Key Features of Brand24 are

  • Shows tweets containing specific keywords or hashtags.
  • Estimate tweet reach.
  • Social media engagement
  • Track real-time tweets

With the assistance of these features, you’ll boost your reach even further.

3.   Brandmention

Brandmention is a twitter analytic tool that helps to know what’s going on, what’s been said about your brands, product, services and competitor.

Key features of Brandmentions are:-

  • It finds important conversations about your products, brand and services.
  • Gives you the full list of people that can impact your business. 
  • Report all the negative mentions of your brand directly to your inbox.
  • Alerts you when there is any increase in mentions about your brand.
  • Allows you to respond to messages or comments instantly through a single dashboard.
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4.   Hashtagify

Hashtagify monitors your performance to get the best hashtag suggestions and identifies your key influencers.

Key features of Hashtagify are :

  • Provide real-time insights of any hashtag on Twitter.
  • Track hashtags on Twitter, or follow Twitter user and provide an in-depth analytics
  • It helps to enhance the social media strategy through hashtag marketing
  • Get all the data you need in easy-to-read dashboards and charts and audit your performance.

5.   Socialert

Socialert is an all in one social media analytic tool that you need.

Key features of socialert are

  • Track Twitter hashtag as well any Twitter accounts
  • Track every information regarding branded hashtag
  • identify key metrics of any account with our analytics tool
  • In case you did not track your hashtag or account in real time.Track every old tweet and post with historical analytic feature with no time limitation

Get ready to track Hashtag analytics!

Now that you know all about hashtag analytics and which tools to use for effective Twitter hashtag tracking to monitor your hashtag performance metrics in real-time. So it’s time to amp up your twitter marketing with Trackmyhashtag an AI based self learning Twitter hashtag tracking tool. Do give it a try!

FAQs on Hashtag Analytics

1. What is hashtag analytics?

Hashtag analytics is the process of gathering and evaluating data related to the performance of hashtags on social media platforms. This process provides insights into engagement, reach, popularity, and various other metrics associated with a particular hashtag, helping marketers and brands understand the effectiveness of their hashtag campaigns.

2. What is the hashtag research method?

The hashtag research method involves identifying and analyzing hashtags that are relevant to your brand, campaign, or topic of interest. This research can be based on factors like popularity, engagement levels, related topics, and competitor usage. Tools like Hashtagify and Brand24 can help in this research, providing suggestions and insights about trending and related hashtags. The goal is to find hashtags that resonate with your target audience and are currently trending or have the potential to do so.

3. How do I get analytics for hashtags?

To get analytics for hashtags, you can:

  • Use the native analytics provided by platforms like Twitter, which gives a basic overview of how your hashtags are performing.
  • Utilize specialized hashtag analytics tools such as TrackMyHashtag, Brandmentions, or Socialert. These tools offer in-depth insights, including metrics like reach, impressions, engagement rate, and even geographical data related to your hashtags.
  • Engage with social listening platforms that track mentions, sentiment, and conversations around your chosen hashtags.

4. How do you Analyse hashtag performance?

Analyzing hashtag performance involves:

  • Monitoring Engagement: Track how often your hashtag is liked, shared, commented on, or retweeted.
  • Assessing Reach and Impressions: Measure how many people have seen your hashtag and how often it appears in user timelines.
  • Tracking Popularity: Observe how frequently your hashtag is used over time, noting any spikes in activity.
  • Checking Demographics: Understand which demographics are engaging most with your hashtag – this can include age groups, locations, genders, etc.
  • Comparing with Competitors: Analyze how your hashtags are performing in comparison to similar hashtags or those used by competitors.
  • Using Analytics Tools: Utilize specialized tools that can give comprehensive insights and reports on your hashtag’s performance.

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