10 Best Free & Premium WordPress Slideshow Plugins

Free & Premium WordPress Slideshow Plugins

The visual mode has always remained a powerful and poignant platform for representing ideas. Businesses worldwide have recognized the vitality of swiftly incorporating catchy visuals, including images and videos, to grab viewers’ attention. Out of all the many ways brands can introduce the element of visuality on their websites, using slideshows has always remained one of the most common tactics. 

Using slideshows on your brand website, you can deliver a sense of dynamism to your audience in contrast to a static image on your website. Slideshows are attractive and offer a greater appeal to your viewers in the way they break away from the monotony of immobile visuals. Especially when it comes to businesses working with a WordPress website, using slideshows becomes all the more exciting and delightful! 

In this article, we have compiled the ten best free and premium WordPress slideshow plugins for your brand website to work on. But before you glance at the list, you need to understand the importance of using WordPress slideshow plugins on your brand website. 

Why utilize WordPress slideshow plugins on your brand website?

Slideshows are a curious version of portraying your brand content and underlining the vitality of the same before your users’ eyes. It is a known fact that people remember things they see better than what they hear or listen to. 

Using slideshows on your WordPress website will allow users to visualize your content and connect with your brand image. You can incorporate images and video clips in designing your slideshows and make them as attractive as possible to hook your audience swiftly! 

10 Best Free and Premium WordPress Slideshow Plugins

Now, here is the top ten list that you are waiting for eagerly:


WordPress Slideshow Plugins
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Depicter is a top-rated WordPress slideshow plugin that popped up in the market this year. It offers users the experience of the next-generation WordPress sliders with attractive and valuable features. The slideshow plugin works on a modern interface and seeks to make the entire purpose of slideshows easier than ever before! 

Its cutting-edge technology allows users complete control over this plugin’s functionalities. Further, the plugin will monitor and regulate SEO factors to make your slideshow SEO-friendly! Some of the attractive features of this WordPress slideshow plugin are as follows:

  • Completely SEO-optimized 
  • Offers many templates for users to import
  • Offers a full-screen and full-width layout
  • Gives users access to stock images, videos, shapes, etc.
  • It has many exciting slide effects 


MetaSlider is a popular slideshow plugin for WordPress websites. It works on an intuitive, simplistic, and user-friendly interface. With the help of MetaSlider, it becomes easy for users to design a slideshow of their choice. While preparing your slideshow, you can swiftly drag and drop all your preferred media directly from the dashboard. 

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Adding captions and custom slide data is also hackle-free with the help of MetaSlider! The WordPress slideshow plugin further works to ensure your SEO needs are met. You can utilize four unique slider types as you work with MetaSlider – Flex slider, Nivo slider, Coin slider, and Responsive slider. Some of the beneficial features of this plugin are as follows:

  • Offers a full-width layout
  • Offers a real-time preview of your slides 
  • Provides access to a sophisticated cropping engine 
  • It provides many custom effects and animation 


Soliloquy is a reputable slideshow plugin for WordPress websites. It offers a user-friendly slider solution for all their slideshow needs. Soliloquy further gives users access to several powerful personal blogging and business website features. 

It also comes with a drag-and-drop builder, making it easy to design a slideshow seamlessly. What makes Soliloquy further exciting to use is its support of product slider displays from different WooCommerce stores. Some of the other exciting features of Soliloquy are as follows:

  • It offers an automated and responsive design, which automatically resizes your slides based on the device users are using to view it
  • Offers dynamic slider options, including blog posts, social media posts, etc. 
  • Provides users with an enhanced level of security and performance 

Smart Slider 3

Yet another utterly responsive slideshow plugin for your WordPress website is Smart Slider 3. It is highly compatible with every WordPress theme, making it the perfect choice for businesses. 

Smart Slider 3  
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Using Smart Slider 3, brands can work on narrating their story to their users attractively and uniquely. You can use the live editor tool available on this plugin to design your slides in time efficiently. Some of the other valuable features of this plugin are as follows:

  • Allows users to import and export slides 
  • Offers an intuitive interface to design slideshows 
  • It provides a static overlay
  • Offers a full-width and boxed responsive layout 
  • It provides different slide background animations to choose from.

Crelly Slider

For brands looking for a clean and elegant WordPress slideshow plugin, Crelly Slider is your ideal choice! It offers users an easy-to-use interface and provides access to many advanced features. The plugin further makes highlighting your content in a post or a page easy! 

You can access a user-friendly admin panel as you work on Crelly Slider. Irrespective of your coding knowledge, you can easily use the admin panel on this slideshow plugin! It further offers users an inquisitive drag-and-drop feature, making it easy to design and curate attractive slides. Some of the other parts of Crelly Slider are:

  • Offer high cross-browser compatibility 
  • Provides inquisitive transitions and animations 
  • Provides complete and fixed-width modes 

Slide Anything

Slide Anything  
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Slide Anything is a simple and efficient WordPress slideshow plugin for users to work on. Using this plugin, you can now design slideshows that support all forms of content like images, text, HTML, or even shortcodes. 

You can curate beautiful, attractive, and responsive slides using the unique features offered by Slide Anything. You can further avail of the touch and drag support to make it easy to design the slides. Other beneficial features of Slide Anything are as follows:

  • Supports all the major browsers 
  • It provides several new and advanced transition effects
  • Offers slide link feature 
  • Provides exciting rearrangement facility

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution  
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Slider Revolution is, just as its name suggests, a revolutionary WordPress slideshow plugin. Users can access various advanced features as they work on this inquisitive slideshow plugin on their website. The plugin allows users to add an unlimited number of layers and incorporate separation animation effects for each layer. 

You can curate immersive and cutting-edge slides with the help of Slider Revolution for your website to easily hook your audience! It is a user-friendly and hackle-free slideshow plugin for users to work with seamlessly. Other features of the Slider Revolution include:

  • Allows users to work fast and efficiently 
  • Provides in-depth animation settings 
  • Offer premade layer groups for your ease of use 
  • Offers quick style layer presets 
  • Provides over 2000 elements in the object library for users to utilize in their slides 

Master Slider

Master Slider is another renowned WordPress slideshow plugin that offers users powerful, accessible, and responsive slider features. Users can swiftly incorporate images and video clips to design their slides using Master Slider. 

The plugin will also cover your brand’s SEO needs and support hardware-accelerated transitions. What makes Master Slider stand apart from the rest of the WordPress slideshow plugins is its inquisitive touch navigation. You can trigger the navigation with only a simple swipe gesture! Some other features of this exciting WordPress slideshow plugin are as follows:

  • Offers a user-friendly interface
  • Provides a highly responsive and mobile-user-friendly interface 
  • Offers 24 hours support 
  • Provides smart loading assets 
  • Provides users with loop and linear sliding options 

Block Slider

Block Slider makes it easy for users to curate slides swiftly for their websites. In contrast to other WordPress slideshow plugins, Block Slider allows you to create sliders with the help of the Gutenberg editor. 

Block Slider
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The block editor offers immense flexibility without limiting users to specific elements and layouts. Users can experience the liberty to incorporate Gutenberg blocks as an integral part of the content of their slides. Some other exciting features of the plugin are as follows:

  • Offers a user-friendly interface 
  • It provides a built-in animator block 
  • Provides ready-to-use slider templates 

Slider Ultimate

Slider Ultimate is yet another intuitive WordPress slideshow plugin for brands to utilize. It offers users a plethora of smooth and clean sliders to choose from and incorporate as a crucial part of their website design. 

Users can benefit from the ability to insert slides virtually in any location on their WordPress websites with the help of this plugin. Some other exciting and useful features of the plugin are:

  • Offer an unlimited number of slides for each of your sliders 
  • Allows you to curate category-based sliders for coming up with unique content 
  • Provides swift integration with WooCommerce and Ultimate Product Catalogue plugins 

With that, the list of the ten best free and premium WordPress slideshow plugins ends. Now, it is your turn to try out these helpful and top-rated plugins on your WordPress site and find out which one suits your needs best! 

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