How to Create Multiple Choice Test Maker Quizzes to Generate Leads

How to Create Multiple Choice Test Maker Quizzes to Generate Leads

As someone following the latest trends in digital marketing closely the popularity of online quizzes wouldn’t have escaped your attention. They are being used everywhere from websites to social media. While you may think they are used only to boost engagement levels among users the fact is quizzes are one of the best ways of lead generation. It has been estimated that quizzes can help increase lead generation by up to 500%. Imagine the possibilities with five-fold increase in the number of leads your sales team have in their hand. In a world of business that is witnessing cut-throat competition these quizzes can go a long way in letting your brand establishing a strong foothold in the market and laying perfect foundation for growth in user base and sales.


As we have already mentioned the ‘high engagement factor’ is the sole reason behind the success of Online Quizzes. Compared to other forms of content marketing initiatives quizzes tend to grab eyeballs faster and engage users in a more active manner. Whether you run a Personality quiz campaign or a Trivia quiz campaign you would attract attention of your users easily. Digital marketers around the world are using quizzes as a major component of their marketing campaign. The results so far have been impressive and we shall look at convincing reasons why you need to make quizzes a part of our marketing campaign. 

How to Create Quizzes Using an Online Quiz Maker           

Does the very idea of creating quizzes and launching them scare you? Are you worried about the designing and coding involved in the project? You can put all your apprehensions to rest as an online quiz maker will let you create quizzes and launch them within minutes. A state-of-the-art online quiz maker comes with an intuitive interface and pre-built templates that lets you create and launch quizzes without having to fiddle through design tools or scratch your head in coding.

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You can create unlimited number of multiple choice quizzes and even define the logic for score (in case of trivia quizzes) and outcomes (in case of personality based quizzes) without dropping any sweat.

Lead Generation Made Simple

As we have mentioned earlier lead generation is one of the major goals for creating quizzes using an online quiz maker. When you have more leads you also exponentially grow opportunities for sales and profits. How is this done and why online quizzes are the most profound way of generating fresh and qualified leads? Let’s find out –

Ø  Boost User Engagement – As a digital marketing consultant or business owner you are aware of the fact that user engagement is proportional to lead generation. The more you engage your users better is the scope for lead generation. Compared to all other forms of marketing campaign quizzes tend to engage users in a more active manner. Users see benefits in participating your quizzes in terms of testing their knowledge or discovering more about their personality. Other lead generation techniques don’t offer the same sense of gratification to the users.


Ø  Bank on Curiosity – All humans are curious and online quizzes are the best way to stimulate the curious bent of mind among users. When you launch a quiz in your website or social media handle most users would be curious to participate. You can’t imagine any other form of digital marketing initiative that can generate as much curiosity among the users.

Ø  Use of Lead Generation Forms – You may have included lead generation forms in your marketing campaign in the past with limited success. But using one within your quiz increases the scope for collecting leads. You can request users to share their contact details in-between the quiz or before you display their success score and outcomes. In their urge to know about the results users won’t mind sharing these details.

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Ø  Lower Lead Generation Cost–One of the major advantages of quizzes as a means for lead generation is the cost factor. Quizzes can cut down your lead generation costs by as much as 80-90%. Thus you not only gather more leads but you also gather them at a fraction of the cost you may have so far spent on other lead generation campaigns.

Ø  Know Your Users – The success of any lead generation campaign depends on the quality of leads you gather. If you are able to discover your audience’s aspirations, their tastes and needs along with the leads you’d be able to run a highly targeted campaign. This is especially true in the case of Personality Quizzes where you have the opportunity to get inside the minds of the users and know what kind of person they are and also their future buying needs.

Ø  Grow Virally – While every brand wishes to grow virally on the social media few can achieve it. With online quizzes the odds of growing your brand virally increases. If your quizzes are engaging and the outcomes are positive users are likely to share them in their network. You will be able to increase your reach among your users’ network.

To conclude an online quiz maker helps you create engaging quizzes that improves lead generation and provides boost to your marketing campaign. Using a quiz maker creatively you will be able to create quizzes which are highly engaging and help you increase the reach of your brand and improve brand recognition among potential customers.

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  • October 24, 2018