A detailed Guide to Google’s Hilltop Algorithm

A detailed Guide to Google’s Hilltop Algorithm

Despite the availability of different search engines, most people around the world use Google to search and find things, products, services, info, etc, on the internet. So, Google, the world’s leading search engine, enjoys supremacy on how websites should be made and optimized. While promoting websites in the SERP of different search engines, all website owners try to avoid getting under sanctions. It is because search engines regularly issue new algorithms to combat low-quality websites, allow different parties to compete fairly, and let them gain the business opportunities they deserve.

In recent years, Google released several updates to force SEO professionals to relinquish the black hat SEO practices and pay special attention to the usefulness of the presented information for the targeted audience. Always keep in mind that Google rolls out update algorithm almost every month.

All these updates cause a significant impact on the ranking of websites in the SERPs of different search engines. This makes it difficult for digital marketing professionals to maintain a good ranking of websites and keep the business flowing out of that. Today, in this post, we will talk about Google’s Hilltop Algorithm and discuss how it affects the ranking of websites. Let’s get started.

A brief Introduction of Hilltop Algorithm

The Hilltop Algorithm was released by Google in 2003. It influenced SEO in 2004 and its influence still continues today. All digital marketing professionals must understand the basics of the Hilltop Algorithm and know how it works today.

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As a matter of fact, the Hilltop Algorithm was released by Google to improve the quality of search results. It was aimed at reviewing all live pages on the internet, track expert pages, and show them in top search results.

The main points of the Hilltop Algorithm are summarized as follows:

  • The search algorithm determines leading websites in a particular niche and
  • It gives importance to links to prominent websites.

When it comes to the application of the rules of the Hilltop Algorithm, it works only when the site has two or more expert links. It calculates the thematic authority for incoming link. If there are less than 2 links on a website, this algorithm is disabled. So, the basic conclusion is that the reference donor should have a majority of outbound links on thematic sites. The surrounding text remains near the anchor links. Always keep in mind that Using text near anchor links does not help with the task of increasing the weight of links. The keyword should be placed-

  • Either in the title of the document,
  • Either in the title of the text and
  • Or in the anchor of the link.

It is recommended that you should use only one option despite the availability of many. It is because of the potential connection of the anti-spam algorithm in case you are using multiple occurrences of the keyword in the document.

Hilltop Algorithm’s Impact on SEO:

Impact on SEO

When launched, The Hilltop Algorithm affected links from all major websites and directories, such as edu web page, major directories (such as Yahoo, BOTW, DMOZ, Zeal). On the other hand, good links from high-authority websites were benefited a lot. During those days, getting a link from .com websites could help bloggers and SEO professionals to increase the ranking of websites. The biggest lesson SEO professionals need to learn is that they should conceal the internal relationship between websites. So, they start making use of unique IP addresses from unblocked IP address, which concealed domain ownership and made them know the tricks how websites are interlinked with each other.

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The Hilltop Algorithm Impact on Today’s SEO

All SEO professionals must keep in mind that PageRank include authoritative seed pages that are akin to Hilltops expert pages. Before this, Algorithms were concentrated on hubs and authorities. Hilltop introduced the idea of authority site and SEO individuals started to think about authoritative web pages. Owing to sites owned by the same owner, they experienced the huge loss in SEO rankings. So, these days, SEO professionals always remain alert while interlinking multiple domains.

Should You Care About the Hilltop Algorithm these days?

The general perception among SEO professionals is that algorithms like Hilltop keep rolling out every now that. Knowing such updates definitely helps digital marketing individuals in website optimization activities and help them get the desired results easily within a short time span.

Final Words

In the SEO world, many professionals use unacceptable practices to phase out their competitors, capture the maximum share of the market, sell products and services in bulk every day, and increase the profit margins up to a great extent. The world’s leading search engine Google rolls out algorithm updates to hit the blackhat SEO activities and allow only deserving candidates to compete fairly and get the desired benefits. If you know the Hilltop Algorithm very well, your website optimization skills will be improved greatly.

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  • July 23, 2018