5 Dominating Social Media Trends of Digital Marketing

5 Dominating Social Media Trends of Digital Marketing

If I say everyone around you has at least one social media account, I guess it will not be an exaggeration. Today’s world is highly involved in social media in some or the other way. The first thing every person does in the morning is to open their social media account.

Hence, social media has a great influence on people, the various latest trends, as well as on online marketing.

Having said that, people are now grabbing the opportunity to use every bit of it to work for their business growth. They keep an eye on every latest social media trend to use it for their digital marketing. How?

Social platforms are a great way to inform the public about a brand or a service and are also avenues for updates and feedback sharing. They allow a brand to connect with the outside world at any time and anywhere. Social media trends are also enticing as they offer a new experience to all users.

That’s why people take so much interest in taking part in those trends and also watching the same. In this article, I am going to share such social media trends of digital marketing that are dominating the different platforms to promote businesses. Let’s have a look at them.

5 Social Media Marketing Trends

Influencer Marketing

When you wake up, the first thing you do is check your feed. Right? Using Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms, you see influencers. Who are those?

Influencers are the ones who give shout-outs to their favorite brands or go for paid promotions for different local and big brands to make their niche audience aware of the product in the market.

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Now the question is how has influencer marketing gained momentum? You see, influencers have a pretty good and loyal fanbase that admires and follow whatever is said by them on social media. The level of increased trust and support by the audience helps influencers to increase brand awareness.

If you are missing out on any gap in digital marketing strategy, look for influencer marketing and amplify your brand.

Video Marketing

You must be looking for reasons to learn digital marketing. However, it is interesting to know that out of all other forms of marketing, video marketing has the maximum influence on the audience. One must opt to learn video marketing because this trend isn’t about fade away any time soon.

Currently, YouTube is the leading video marketing platform. Why? 92% of marketers see it as a crucial aspect in creating their marketing strategy. It is a fairly cost-effective and user-generated content-oriented way of digital marketing.

Therefore, if you want to cultivate strong customer relationships or sell to a wider audience it’s high time you took advantage of this trend. Videos are highly engaging and a great way to attract potential customers or increase the customer base.

Social Media Shopping

There is no doubt about the fact that digitalization has opened the gates for online shopping. Taking advantage of this opportunity, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have given the opportunity to the customers to buy products and services through them.

How has this become a trend? Well, through social media channels, the audience can have a better knowledge about the brand and can get in direct touch with the respective brands. This offers great help for businesses to promote their products and sell them directly through this platform. Further, helping in generating revenue and increasing return on investment (ROI).

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If you are thinking to sell your products then use social media platforms. They offer a hallway to stay in touch with customers and potential buyers. Generally, they open doors for close interaction and offer the right and easy way to sell your goods and services.

Bite-Sized Content

As you know now the importance of video marketing, 86% of businesses are opting for video marketing as a powerful tool to reach the potential audience. However, not every video can produce the desired goal.

To make an impact on the target audience, short-form or bite-sized videos are highly impactful. 73% of average people prefer to watch short videos to get knowledge of any brand, product, or service.

You must have observed Instagram reels, Facebook stories, and Twitter fleets are the potential platforms to be used for bite-sized content.

Now the question is, should any brand compromise the quality of content? Of course not. Quality is never compromised in publishing short videos. Despite the user’s short attention span, content must be of high quality and must capture the user’s attention.

Personalized ads

Going with social media trends, another digital marketing technique is personalized ads. Having observed the different trends including video marketing and influencer marketing, many brands are increasing their advertising budgets to keep up with this trend.

Due to an increase in the number of users on social media platforms, businesses are making every effort to grab the audience’s attention. Now, with so much competition around, what are the possible ways to capture the attention of your audience?

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The answer is simple, you need to be highly creative to increase visibility and convert leads into your customer. To stand out, you have to generate content that can relate to the latest trend or the user’s requirement.

If you opt for paid ads then focus on creating content for video and graphics that engages the audience and drives brand awareness. Use filters, trends, and interactive ads that allow users to participate in the ad as well.


Social media trends never remain static. It keeps on changing. However, it offers an opportunity that gives you the power to make your own trend. Isn’t it great?

Be careful when you are following these trends for your branding and selling of products and services. Overdoing the trend may backfire as well. Don’t try to cross the thin line. Some social media trends may not be fitted to your kind of business. Pay close attention to which trend you are opting for.

That’s because social media trends like other trends usually come and go. It starts with a small spark and ends in the same manner. Every trend has a limited time to rise and fall. Therefore, adopt trends that are scalable, reliable and those that can boost your business positively.

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