How to Monitor Social Media Apps on Android Phone?

Monitor Social Media Apps on Android Phone

Eyes are blurring and feeling pain, you often heard the phrase from your kids and teens. This is the modern age symptoms that almost every kid and the teen has who use social networking apps on their Android mobile phone connected to the internet.

The trendy social media apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Line, Vine, Viber, WhatsApp and plenty of others are the popular and fascinating social media platforms for kids, tweens, and teens and even for the adults.

Every user wants to share their cell phone captured selfies, want to post news feeds, like other shared material, private chat conversations, shared photos, and videos and on few social apps want to send Voice messages.

All these activities pretty normal, fascinating and seems interesting to having fun with friends online.

However, these interesting activities have made obsessed with the young generation and they also harmed online emotionally through stalkers, humiliated by cyber bullies and sometimes raped by sexual predators.

The young generation also has got health issues due to the excessive use of social media apps on the android cell phones.

Not just kids and teens people working in the corporate sector often seems wasting times within the working hours and create troubles for the bosses.

Moreover, it is reportedly stated that cyber infidelity has been the on the rise due to the free social messaging apps used on the Android mobile phones.

After telling you all about the usage and the saw comings of the social media apps for three groups of peoples such as youth, business enterprises and for relationships, am going to tell you how parents can protect kids and teens from the side effects of instant messaging apps.

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How can employers get to know that employees are using the social media on the company’s owned devices and how spouses prevent cheating to monitor their partner android cell phones social media activities?

Choose best android spy app to monitor social media apps

You can monitor social media apps that are in the trend to the fullest having cell phone spy app for android. Initially, you have to be astute in the way that you should know how to get the spy app for android. You should visit the official website and need to get the subscription and in return, you will get credentials that you need to memorize. Then you get the physical access to the target android cell phone and install the spyware for android. Once you have installed it successfully, and then activate it on the phone of Android OS. Further, you have to deal with a little hurdle for your own betterment and that is to make your spy app for android sneaky to work secretly on the target Android phone. You will have a pop option, either you want to hide the android spy app icon or not.

Web portal access of android spy app to monitor social messaging apps

Use the credentials and get access to the online control panel of the phone spy app for android. When you have the access to it, all you need to visit the android surveillance software spying tools that will help you out to spy on the social messaging apps to the fullest.

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Use android spy app tool to monitor Instant messengers

You can use the IM’s social media app on the cell phone spy app for android and get your hands on IM’s logs of all the trendy social media apps. It will enable a user to view the IM’s logs such as text messages, private chat conversations, shared media as photos and videos and sent or received Voice messages on particular apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook and others.

Android spy app’s spy 360 live screen sharing

You can share the target android cell phone screen to the online control panel of the android monitoring software. The user can get access to it and can view the live activities happen on the phone screen of social media apps installed on the phone.

Android spy app’s live screen recording

It will empower the user to make short videos back to the back of the target android cell phone screen and then send it to the online control panel off the android spy app. A user can do live screen recordings such as Facebook live screen recording, WhatsApp live screen recording, Yahoo live screen recording and plenty of others.


Android spy app is the best software to monitor social media apps on the android phones that keeps the user updated regarding all the activities happen in real-time and enable a user to view logs.

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  • April 25, 2018