Most Common Mistakes While Doing On-Page Optimization!

Most Common Mistakes While Doing On-Page Optimization!

To determine the high ranking of your web pages in leading search engines, it is crucial to be aware of all about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Though the reality is; very few people understand it. According to the research conducted by SEMrush, the websites usually struggle a lot with advanced and technical SEO. It is not wondering as the SEO checklist on average carry over a dozen concerns to address prior to achieve the success of a website.

Though the main question here is; which issue of SEO needs greater concentration from SEO experts? Well, the issues related to the on-page optimisation top this list as there is a great impact on website ranking with on-page SEO practices. So, this article will elaborate top mistakes while doing on-page optimisation that most of the SEO practitioners make. To gain the maximum benefits from your SEO campaign, it is mandatory to work on these mistakes and improve them in your next campaign. In case, you want to get your website SEO done with perfection, hire an expert from search engine optimisation Melbourne. Offering advanced SEO services Australia, these experts are hired worldwide by businesses and individuals.

Mistakes To Avoid While Doing On-Page SEO Optimization –

Mistake #1

Content Spinning or Duplication – The power of content is the greatest in SEO. But, a number of SEO practitioners do not give much attention to the content quality and often use spin or duplicate content on various web pages. This practice usually leads to poor SEO ranking of the website or negative impact on ranking on search engine. So, if you dream to rank high on your rival companies and generate great revenue, then focus on using high quality, unique, informative and interactive content.

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Regardless to what changes Google update introduce, the high quality content will always be the preference of all search engines including Google. On the other hand, if you still use spin or duplicate content on your website, there are chances for your site to get banned from Google because of content duplication issue. So, try to use unique content always and wherever you use a content from some other sites, give credit to the source website.

Mistake #2

Excessive Keyword Stuffing – Those websites having excessive keyword stuffing often get penalties from the search engines as it comes under the black hat SEO practice. No doubt, this practice gives results instantly to bring website ranking high, but, it is a wrong practice that does not give permanent results. The Google search algorithms keep on changing time to time. So, the techniques or practices that have been working well a decade back would not be fruitful in present time.

Therefore, if you are also engaged in excessive keyword stuffing practice for your on-page optimisation, it is a right time to stop and think of white-hat SEO practices that encourage minimal keyword stuffing in the webpages and that too in a natural way. The ideal keyword density as per Google’s new guideline is just 1 percent of the whole words available in the document or web page.

Mistake #3

Use of Heavy Size of Images – In effective user engagement, images have a great significance. A good image can directly lead a web page to higher ranking in the SERPs. Though it is mandatory to use a significant amount of images on a web page; however, it should also be remembered that your SEO impact will be harmed if images are not used properly.

It is a fact that images can bring a huge traffic to a site, but for heavy resource loading, one must have a great hosting plan because, without it, you cannot take advantage of heavy images as it start effecting speed of the site and lowers the ranking as well.

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So, optimization of images is mandatory for every website. On the web, you can easily find websites for image optimization without any cost. Hence, take advantage of such services and optimize images before you get them uploaded on your website server.

Mistake #4

Ignoring The Use of LSI Keywords – Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are those keywords which have a relation with the main keyword. LSI keywords are mandatory to be used in the article as they contribute to higher website ranking on SERPs. With the help of LSI keywords, the search engines discover a relevant content and helps websites to rank better.

All and all, LSI keywords help Google and other leading search engines to ensure that a web page is relevant to users and this way, it decides the ranking to a website on SERP. Ideally, 3-4 LSI keywords have to be used in a natural way in the article comprising of 600 words. These keywords are a great contributor to better content not just for reader, but also for the search engines.

Mistake #5

Forgetting Robots.txt File – For every site, robot.txt file is highly valuable as it is a file that enables webmasters to deny or allow the robots for crawling a web page. This file gives instructions to robots about the way to crawl to a site. So, those who are not much experienced in SEO, there are chances that you would have forgot this file to be used. So, ensure to make this file for your site, if it is not there yet.

This file indicates if a particular user agent is allowed to crawl to a site or not. It also enables one to elaborate web pages that you do not want bots should crawl in the file.

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Mistake #6

Use of Long Meta Description & Meta Title – In the search engine ranking for a website, meta description and meta titles enjoy a great significance. Usually, a lot of people make several mistakes at this step as they sometime do not write meta description and sometime, they write highly long description. So, both of these approaches need to be fixed.

There is no doubt that it is imperative to writer meta description for a site and articles. A number of researches show that a significant length of an ideal meta description was not more than 160 characters previously, however, the recent length should be not more than 320 characters as per Google’s guidelines.

Hence, it is advised to write meta description as per the recent guidelines of Google and never copy the description from any other site, but make it unique and effective. It contributes greatly to boost CTR that is a contributor to higher ranking.

Mistake #7

Overlooking Mobile Friendliness – Mobile friendliness of websites is at priority for Google in 2018. A website that is not enough friendly to mobile users certainly loses its ranking on Google and other search engines. Several times, Google has said that they are on their way to mobile-first online search approach. And if you are not taking mobile friendliness of the website seriously, you will soon be out from the market.

Final Verdict –

Every day, Google launches various search updates and to stay ahead in the competition or to maintain your existence in the web world, you have to cope up with these updates. By working on these aforementioned mistakes, you can certainly improve your on-page SEO and gain amazing benefits from your SEO efforts.

  • September 13, 2018