How to become a popular blogger in 3 months or less?

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With numerous blogs circulating on the internet daily, readers often stumble upon a blog which just hits the right spot. Whether written by a recent blogger or an experienced blogger, the number of people a blog reaches is based on its popularity. While there are many popular bloggers down the stream, one with exceptional writing skills would not wish to get lost in the long run. In a recent survey, it was observed that 69.4% of bloggers fear losing the amount of traffic their blog generates. So, what makes a blogger popular? Can fame be achieved overnight? If these questions are doing rounds in your mind then, with the help of our below guidelines, any existing blogger or an aspirant blogger can become a popular blogger within three months.

Pen Down Your Thoughts

A pen and a paper are till date the excellent concentration tools, which when used wisely can help bloggers write down the ideas anytime or anywhere and later concentrate on implementing the same on their blogs. As a human mind can generate ideas randomly in any situation, most famous bloggers have a habit of consistently writing their thoughts as soon as they strike. An important factor of successful bloggers is that they find it easier to recollect the stuff that they have written down rather than searching desperately for words when they fall short of it. This habit when cultivated immediately will help aspiring bloggers in becoming popular as well as successful in a short time.

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Find Your Niche

The secret behind the popularity of most of the bloggers lies in the forte they demonstrate through their blog. Having a niche while writing a blog will help you in identifying your areas of interest. An unpassionate blog does not connect emotionally with the audience as compared to the blogs written with a personal touch. If you are passionate about sports, movies, cooking, dancing or being either a homemaker or a parent, your unique perspective should be reflected in your blog.

Customise Your Blog

The exclusivity of any blog is reflected through its design. Readers are more attracted towards a well-designed blog rather than a blog which appears dull and boring. The layout of a blog holds an important role in its popularity as it is the first thing any reader sees about the blog. The blog design also determines the amount of time, an average reader will spend on a particular blog.

Converse with Your Readers

It is the human tendency to get attached to someone who is more open and comforting rather than someone who is authoritative. As a blog is an indirect form of a conversation between a blogger and its readers, the relaxed tone of the language will engage more readers. Frequent interaction with readers in the form of comments or asking the readers what they would like to read on the new post will also help you gain the trust of your audience.

Make Your Blog Helpful

People always return to individuals who are helpful. Most of the popular blogs offer a lot of information which is helpful to others in one way or the another. Bloggers who are expert in solving the problems of their readers gain instant popularity. So, sharing your unique skills through a tutorial blog will prove to be useful for your blog. Another advantage of a tutorial blog is that it will stay forever as compared to a blog written specifically about the happenings of a particular day. Tutorial blogs never get too old as the methods demonstrated by bloggers can be applied at any point of the time. Also, a lot of people who find such blogs useful, are more likely to bookmark it for future reference or share with friends who might find it relevant to their needs.

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Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs

Most of the blogs these days are open to guest posts. Writing guest posts for other popular blogs not only help beginners in gaining exposure but also helps in attracting a lot of traffic. As the niche of other websites is already defined, in order to prove the worth of your blog, make sure to provide content which is relevant to the website and its readers. Some websites also allow you to link your guest blogs to your personal blogs by giving some insights of your previously written content. You can bring in a wave of readers to your personal blog by creating a hyperlink which takes readers of to your personal blog.

Post Frequently        

The key element behind a popular blog lies in the frequency at which the blogger updates the blog with new posts. If you are just posting a single blog every week, do not expect readers to visit your page every day. As readers are in constant search for new and interesting stuff they look forward to bloggers who constantly post fresh content. Do not mistake the constant posting of content with over-feeding readers with daily doses of the blog. Try to maintain a consistency which will make your blog interesting and bring back readers.

Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog is one of the best ways to make your blog popular and yourself famous. While many bloggers tend to overlook this important task, it is only promotion which helps businesses shine and movies succeed on the box office. With a majority of the people being active on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, a bit of research about your audience and their interests will help you in promoting your blog on the right platforms.

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Now that you know the quick tips of becoming a popular blogger, its time to implement the same and see the difference. While popularity cannot be gained overnight, few right steps in the right direction will definitely lead you towards your destination. However, keep in mind that although anyone can achieve popularity, only a few can preserve the same with dignity. Readers will enjoy reading your blogs if it shows respect towards all cultures, traditions and ethnicities.

  • September 10, 2018