10 Ways to Improve Typography in Your Designs

10 Ways to Improve Typography in Your Designs

Typography is the art and skill of putting life into words and that is what works with all. There are many user experience designed companies to give them a whole new level of experience while creating any content or to improve the design. Suitable and easily understandable typography can set the right mood and gives a clear cut idea of what really the meaning is, and also sometimes works to impress and create an impression on the minds of others. Beautiful and perfect typography can do many miracles which you will learn and get to know about. There are many ways with the help of which you can get to know that how to improve your typography in design and work more effectively to create a better understanding with others and it can help you a lot.

There are some ways through which you can improve typography in your top user experience design companies.

#1 Measure

There are many styles and designs for writing, but what really matters is the measure of the font size. For some, the font size can be desired and they use it on their own choice, but some use the font size which is the normed correct size and which is being followed up form years. The main thing that you have to keep in mind is what exactly your content needs and what suits the best.

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#2 Leading

Lead is one of the important features that create and catches the eye. If the designing and placement of the lead are false then it can create a bad image at first and then the whole content will have a disaster. It is very important for you to select the right font size and design for the lead to make a good impact. If the lead is having the proper use of size and design then it gives the whole content a new look.

#3 Alignment

Alignment plays the very important role in your typography and design. Bad alignments do not a give a good look to the overall text and set a bad design. You should always take care of the alignment that you are setting in your typography so that it looks clean beautiful for the eyes and gives a clear vision of the text or content. You can select and choose the alignment according to your choice and maintain consistency.

#4 Mood

There are some contents and text which give them an amazingly beautiful look and they make the text more understandable and more attractive. This is because of the selection of the right design and font size and the proper scaling of the text, the typography used in the context is easily understandable and coherent which makes it more attractive for the eye and sets the mod right. The mood of the typography is something that can make or break the whole design.

#5 Kern

This basically means the amount of space between the words, letters and statements, which makes the base of any text. If there is no proper kern between the statements and lines then it will make the whole content look awkward and uneasy for the eyes. This is the sure thing that you should keep in mind to create a good typography in design that the kern should be proper so that it gives a good look to the whole content.

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#6 Colour Check

This is also one of the most important features that you need to keep in mind that the colour of the background should match with the text, font size and the whole context. A bad colour selection can create a bad mood and can spoil everything in the text. The colour should be chosen with the match of the content. A good colour combination can give the typography an amazing and whole new look that is beautiful and attractive to the eyes.

#7 No Typos

You should always keep in mind about the typos that there should be no use of improper font styles because that can create a bad impact and doesn’t looks healthy at all in the content. Proper use of font styles should be used whenever required and it should not be used at a place where it’s not needed, otherwise it will make the whole content look inappropriate and unhealthy for the eyes.

#8 Rhythm

It is very important to create a rhythm throughout the context so that it doesn’t look awkward and improper. If you are following one single style in the starting of the context then make sure to follow it till the end to give coherent and proper look so, that it won’t misbalance the design and the mood of the content. Proper rhythm gives an easy and good look and takes the typography to the next level, and makes it more beautiful and attractive.

#9 Hierarchy

This is one of the important things that you need to keep in your mind while you are working to improve your typography in design, the hierarchy is something that should be given the utmost priority and should be taken care of. You should always keep in mind that if you are starting the text with one style it should end with the similar style, the font size should be proper and the spacing between the lines and statements should be given proper care to give the design and style a proper look, otherwise it will give a bad look and make the content look weird, if the same hierarchy is not followed.

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#10 Observation

This is the one quality that you should always possess while you are working to improve your typography in design. You should always keep an observing eye on everything and anything. At the end what really matters is the correct order and style of everything. You should look out for different options and availability and new ideas that you can put into your typography to make it look easier going and understanding for the eye.

  • August 31, 2018