7 Reasons You Should Hire A Freelance Graphic Designer

7 Reasons You Should Hire A Freelance Graphic Designer

According to contrary belief, a freelancer isn’t a synonym for unemployed. A freelancer is simply a professional that doesn’t want to associate with an agency or firm. Maybe because his ideas are too revolutionary for the said firm or he cannot comply principally with the ideology of the agency, and it’s only fair. Like they say; to each his own. So, a freelancer works from his own home or work base and usually deals one-to-one with the client.

Freelancers can be present in any field of work: technology, law, tutorship, journalism et cetera. However, the maximum number of freelancers can be found in the field of technology. Even among them, there are quite a lot of graphic designers. The work profile of a graphic designer includes combining their artistic eye with their tech savvy brain to captivate consumers. They plan the layout of magazines, products, websites and advertisements so as to make the product or the agency attractive and appealing to the consumer. So now when you see an eye-catching visual on a website, you know who should get the credit for it.

Freelance Graphic Designers Rock!

One day like you, I was in need of someone for graphic designing, and my first thought was to approach a top graphic design agency. There are so many agencies out there and each a copy of the other. I was extremely confused. So I gave it a second thought and saved myself from making a terrible mistake. I was recommended a freelance graphic designer by an acquaintance. What followed was a series of realizations which have led me to conclude that freelance graphic designers are truly amazing.

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Why They Are Better Than Agency Designers

As soon as I met with the freelance graphic designer, he seemed as passionate about my project as I was. He patiently listened to each detail and constantly kept asking me intricate questions about colour schemes, designs et cetera. He was so involved in the project from the get go which brings me to my first reason.

  1. Inspiration: The freelance designer takes inspiration for the project from the consumer itself. If you can understand the consumer, their context, and their expectations in a personal way, you’ve already won half the battle. In agencies, you convey your requirements to a manager (and mostly in technical terms) who then conveys it to the designer. The possibility of an inter-personal correspondence with the freelancer is what makes working with one a better experience.

  1. Originality: All the samples that I was shown were original works of the freelance designer. It was a very reliable way of selecting what I would like to have and what just didn’t make the cut for me. But in agencies, they will have a thick booklet of samples where you don’t know which designer has made what. It might happen that your work is assigned to a designer whose samples you previously disliked.

  1. Very Flexible: Freelancers work very hard since they face stiff competition from agencies. They work on weekends and holidays. If you need to make a last minute change in your brief, you can call up a freelancer at any time of the day or week, at any hour and not be disappointed. Agencies assure quick response to consumers but only if you call between 9 and 5.

  1. Work Like Flash: My project was finished within an extremely small span of time and delivered before the due date. Since freelancers handle not more than a couple of clients at a time, they are able to work efficiently and quickly in order to avoid delays. Agencies take upon themselves the weight of the entire world and underperform or cause massive delays on a lot of occasions.

  1. Importance To Everyone: Agencies usually have a few big time clients which they don’t want to lose out on. Your project could easily get sidelined if a project from some bigger, more revenue generating client comes in. And it’s absolutely unfair. You won’t have this problem with freelancers. For them, each project is equally important.

  1. Talent Is Superlative: The real reason people choose to be freelancers is because they know they are talented and they don’t need the support of any agency. They are confident about their ideas and are highly creative. Agencies, over the years, could get stuck in an endless cycle of repetitiveness and become obsolete.

  1. Easy On The Pocket: Hiring a freelancer won’t burn a hole in your pocket. A freelancer itself doesn’t have many costs to incur so this benefit trickles down to the client. But can you name a single top graphic design agency that is pocket friendly? I can’t either.

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To conclude, on a deeper level, the real difference between agencies and freelancers is this; agencies work for profit but a freelancer works out of passion. With this having been said, I’ll leave the rest to you.

  • July 11, 2018