Free Template Downloads and Digital Signage for the Hospitality Industry

Free Template Downloads and Digital Signage for the Hospitality Industry

Communication has been a long-standing issue with the hospitality industry – how to transmit messages to such a dispersed audience was a challenge, until the advent of digital signage technology.

With digital signage, it is possible to transmit real-time messages to multiple locations simultaneously. Whether for administrative, informative or entertainment purposes, digital signage has provided the hospitality industry exactly what it needs for effective operation.

In the past, televisions in guest rooms of hotels could only display the information that the service provider was broadcasting. However, thanks to digital signage software, you can use display screens for multiple purposes through the multi-spilt technology. Guests can still be entertained as well as receive information and notifications relevant to their stay in the establishment.

Digital signage screens are also a good avenue for revenue generation through advertising – both for the hotel’s additional service packages e.g. gym and spa services and for external advertisers, who want guests to use their products and services.

Digital signage for customer service

Customer service is at the heart of the hospitality industry. Digital signage makes a positive contribution to this process in the following ways:

  • It keeps your clients well informed about current news and happenings, the day and date, weather and any other information they should be privy to while they wait at your lobby.
  • You can also use interactive screens to provide guidance for guests regarding any featured locations within the establishment, as well as important activities guests may be interested in participating in.
  • You may use digital signage displays to show menus, daily or weekly specials, promotions and offer packages and other services available in the hotel or restaurant.
  • Perhaps most importantly, digital signage provides the fastest and most effective solutions to communicate information about emergencies to multiple locations in a timely manner for immediate action.
  • You can provide entertainment in dining rooms, waiting bays, lobbies and guest rooms during the times when there no need to communicate any information.
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For best customer service, you can program digital signage to make announcements in multiple languages, especially with bigger establishments that attract guests from other countries, which would be particularly important during communication of emergency information.

Maximizing human resources

You can use digital signage screens to provide training for new staff members on the spot e.g. provide tours of different facilities in the hotel from the training room, show different activity centers etc. You can therefore reduce training costs by coming up with a training manual in video form, which will then be played to new staff members rather than devoting the time and energy of old staff member to carry out new employee training.

You can also communicate staff changes to the staff and guests where necessary in a speedy manner. In addition, team leaders may employ digital signage to communicate important updates and information necessary for operation instead of having to call meetings every time you want to disburse new information.

A single staff member can easily manage advertisements and other messages and will download templates available online and use them to generate custom information according to the location and use. It does not get more efficient than that!

  • January 17, 2018