Top Ten Most Downloaded iPhone Apps Of 2018


It is a well accepted fact that Apple iPhone is the most popular Smartphone available in the market today and iphone app developers is playing major role in it. This is mainly due to the performance and security features offered by the phone which are way ahead of those found in devices from other prominent brands. In fact, due to Apple’s obsession with security, there was a time when the number of apps that could be downloaded on iPhone was extremely limited. But this trend has gradually changed with the result that iPhone users today can choose from a wide choice of apps that are deemed safe for downloading on these world class devices. With so many options to choose from, it is only natural for the device users to feel somewhat confused about choosing the best apps. In order to make the choice easier, listed below are the top ten most downloaded iPhone apps for 2018, with some apps proving to be a surprise addition.


This on demand entertainment app enables users to watch movies, TV shows and much more on their mobile device. In addition to the shows offered by major entertainment channels, the users can also watch the Netflix original series as well as the most popular shows of yesteryears. Even though the users need to subscribe to the app, which still has a limited global presence, it ensures hassle free and great entertainment for the users even while they are on the go. The amazing customer support for the app is also one of the reasons that has ensured its growing popularity amongst iPhone users.


Snapchat has ceased to be an app of the millennials, with people of all ages using it stay connected with friends across the globe. The app has also been adapted by business organizations to remain updated share news and information with their teams. In addition to enabling the users to send individual messages, the app allows them to build SnapChat stories and even view them. These stories are basically a collection of posts which the users can create and view as a single unit. With such features, it is not really surprising that SnapChat has made it to the list of most downloaded iPhone apps.

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As the name suggests, Bitmoji is an app that allows users to have fun with collection of emoticons, and stickers. The app helps the users to unleash their creativity and customize the various avatars and cartoons they might be using in other apps on their iPhone. From changing their hair to altering their eye colour, the users can experiment with the look and appearance of their avatars as per their taste and imagination. The users can also send the apps stickers and emojis through iMessage. The app can even be linked with SnapChat to add more fun and excitement to the stories created.


This video platform owned by Google, has consistently topped the list of most downloaded iPhone apps for past several years. The app has been downloaded more than 35.3 million times from App Store and enables the users to stream videos, music and even live news, making it a complete entertainment app.

WhatsApp Messanger:

This messaging app owned by Facebook reigns supreme within the social networking niche. The app is known to have more than 1500 million active users across the globe, it is not really surprising that the app is also one of the top ten most downloaded apps on iPhones. Its various new features have further enhanced its popularity amongst both existing and new users.


With Facebook offering its Messenger service as a standalone app, staying connected with Facebook friends and contacts has become much easier for users. They can chat with anyone in their contact list by simply downloading the app and without signing onto Facebook. It is just the right app for people who are likely to be involved in extensive messaging through Facebook. In fact, according to the latest surveys, Messanger is only the second most popular app after WhatsApp. Furthermore, the app makes it possible for users to add a fun element to their messages and make them more interesting with its GIF’s and colourful emoticons.

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This photo and video sharing app is absolute fun to use as it features some really impressive editing tools for decorating the images. The app is becoming increasingly popular amongst users who love to flaunt their images in a creative manner across social media. The users can combine their creativity with the available tools to enhance an image or even spoil it (for others). The ever increasing popularity of the app is such that it is considered only second to Facebook in the social networking niche.


Facebook is undoubtedly the world leader amongst all social networking apps and hence it is really not surprising that it is also one of the most downloaded apps on iPhone. The app offers various options for the users express themselves and stay connected. They can share photos, update their status and chat with friends and contacts even on the go.  Most importantly, the users can receive notifications about the activities of their friends on the social networking site without having to sign in.


This virtual notebook app makes it possible for the users to keep a record of key data and facts or anything else they might consider worth storing. The app not only enables the users to directly make notes but also save images and pages from the internet. In addition, the app also allows uploading of pages from physical notebooks besides providing the functionality of tracking tasks. Most importantly, the app features a search option, which makes finding the stored noted extremely simple and fast.

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Apple’s decision to allow the iPhone users the freedom to install third-party keyboards on their device with iOS 8 has been welcomed by many. In this context, Swiftkey has become one of the most preferred options making it a part of the top ten most downloaded iPhone apps. The virtual keyboard is capable of understanding the typing style of the users and adapting to this unique style over time. This helps to naturally increase the speed and efficiency of typing while also reducing the  number of typo errors quite significantly.


The fact that this email app from Microsoft has made it to the top ten most downloaded apps on iPhone, might be surprising for many. However, since the focus is on enhancing user conveince, Outlook proves to be a great choice. The app features the Focused Inbox, which makes it separating person to person communication from spam mails and sales announcements a lot easier. In addition the swiping feature and the seamless Outlook calendar have also proved to be key contributors in making this app a hot favourite among iPhone users.


For all the avid gamers out there, downloading the PlayStation app is the key to enjoying a great gaming experience on their iPhone. The app functions in essentially the same manner as SmartGlass, the catch being that it is for PlayStation 4. The app enables the users to compose messages, view trophies and even explore the Playstation store. The app even provides a second screen functionality with specific games to ensure a deeper gaming experience for the players.

  • October 8, 2018