Proxies for Email Protection

Proxies for Email Protection

Security online is one of the most crucial things for everyone who is surfing the Web. Technologies do not stop developing. Unfortunately, not all web technologies are aimed at good things. Frauds and hackers are waiting for us out there. Both individuals and organizations must be aware of how to boost security online. Businesses use email every day. They send tons of virtual letters on a regular basis and, thus, are a perfect target for hackers.

Proxies come to protect you online. With their help no one will know that you are you. How do they work? Proxies can be called ‘guides’ into the World Wide Web.


When a user wants to access any resource, this resource automatically receives the user’s IP address. If a person uses a proxy, it meets his request halfway, masks the real IP and changes it to a completely new one. The destination resource sees only the new address.

Proxies allow creating a backhanded network connection with another resource and avoiding leakages of information. There are various kinds of proxies, among others there are:

  • residential proxies;
  • data center proxies;
  • shared proxies;
  • mobile proxies;
  • dedicated proxies etc.

Each kind is better for certain needs. Without using proxies your brand can suffer severe losses.

Risks while Using Email

If you still rely only on a sophisticated password, forget about your email’s security. Only with the help of proxies you can feel protected online. They allow you to stay incognito while surfing the Web.

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All the data that enters the Web along with the email is diligently collected by special people and software. Let’s discuss the risks anyone can face while using email without any protection.

  • Bankruptcy.
  • Inventory management compromising.
  • Endangering your own data and data of your clients.
  • Company reputation damage.
  • Loss of revenue.
  • Intellectual property loss.
  • Loss of clients.
  • Non-compliance with the newest cybersecurity standards.
  • Phishing attacks.

There are so many risks that a simple hope for the best is not enough. Proxies were invented to secure you online, so do not hesitate to use them.

Complex Solution: Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies can be investigated as the best solution for your email protection. Unlike other types of proxies, mobile proxies are assigned to real devices. They are seen as real people. Mobile proxies offer high protection level and fast connection speed.

If you want to buy mobile proxy, pay your attention at OnlineSIM. This provider owns more than 60 million IP addresses with targeting up to the city. It offers a high anonymity level.

  • May 28, 2021