The SEO Checklist

The SEO Checklist

“SEO checklist” these words tell us about the important sequence or method in “page optimizing”. I have got stubborn by doing the same searching to find the steps to follow in building my website SEO  and on page-optimization. After getting bored by doing the same thing, now I have made SEO Checklist that will make your work very easy and save your much of the time. Also you will be free from these same annoying things.

This list covers important things that should be checked every time when you are starting your new website. Once you have checked these important points, your website become SEO friendly at its best. Most probably People make this mistake that they read all these points and want to apply all these. This is wrong! If you apply everything on this list, it is awesome. If you are able to apply most of them, it is great. But don’t let you become anxious when you are not following all these. Generally, all you would not be able to do all these things.

  • At first, check that have you made your Google Account?
  • Secondly let you confirmed that you have installed Google Analytics. It is very important
  • Check, have you installed Google Webmaster Tools? It is also very important.
  • Confirm that you have installed Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • If you are using WordPress, do install Google analytics for WordPress and also SEO for WordPress.
  • Do check Google Webmaster Tools for errors, missing titles, and all other technical errors. Also read all the messages that Google sent you.
  • To know about any broken links use Xenu because it is free.
  • See the competitor link profiles to get started with link building. This is the way through which you can see the competitor’s skills and techniques and hence can do your work better. You can observe what anchor text your competitor is using and many other things. Just input your competitor’s domain on the following: Link DiagnosisMajestic SEOOpen Site etc.
  • Confirm that all your title tags consist of 65 characters. Otherwise the exceeded characters will be cut.
  • Confirm that all your meta description tags consist of 155 characters. Also meta description that exceeds the limit will be truncated.
  • Confirm that you’re the search engine accessible text of your site id healthy or not. You should add at least 100 words just to let the Search Engine understand the topic of your website.
  • Your images should have ALT Tags and the file names. Even if your image is not open, Search engine sees images by your image tags and also look at the file names. So these two things were also very important.
  • Very importantly, start off-page optimization also and build the links.
  • Make sure that your site is not creating any duplicate content. Use Google Webmaster Tools to avoid duplicate content. Otherwise your site would be penalized.
  • Use Absolute URLs instead of Relative. Some CMS platforms enable you to use them.
  • Use Google Page Speed Tools to check your website speed.
  • Confirm that you have created your XML sitemap and also submitted it to Google and Web Bing master.
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At the End, make sure that you have followed maximum of these steps. This will be the best practice to read these important points whenever you are developing your new website.

  • November 18, 2013