7 Helpful Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

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The internet rules the world and of that, there is very little doubt. Over the past fifteen or so years, our reliance on the internet has doubled, tripled, and quadrupled. No longer is the internet a place that we log onto. Nowadays, the internet is where we are at. All. The. Time. The smartphone that you are reading this from or the computer at your house are both doorways to an unending world of information. In order for YOUR information to stand out in this infinite world of data, you need to go viral. How do you go viral? If this answer had a simple question, the internet would be very different. Still, we’ve got a few tips that might help you out along the way.

7 Simple Tips For Going Viral On The Net.

Remember playing Super Mario when you were a kid? Do you remember the music that would play when Mario would touch a golden star? Suddenly, Mario would be invincible and the entire game would speed up. Enemies would flock to you only to be quickly shoved to the side. Going viral on the internet is just like hitting that magic star. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get that special boost for your content. While there are certainly people who can buy their way to viral content, that isn’t the case for everyone. So, if you want to go viral with your newest blog post, video creation, or social media content, keep on reading.

1) Make Your Readers Feel Something – Did you know that the most common attribute shared between pieces of viral content is the emotional reaction that the content invokes? You might want to melt the world with a kitten-themed video. Maybe you want to show off a romantic proposal. In any event, the goal for your content will be to invoke a reaction. Trust us, however, when we say that all reactions do not need to be positive. People share content whether it makes them happy or angry. Content that leaves people feeling contented doesn’t get the same kind of momentum.

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2) Shock Your Audience – Alright, so if you can’t make your audience swoon, you can still definitely shock them. People are ready to be left in awe of you and what you have to share. If you are crafting a piece of content from scratch, think of all of the different ways that you can hammer home the ‘wow’ factor. Does your video show a daring rescue? Does your image shows someone with an unbelievable amount of money? Does your video show someone freaking out in public? The human condition is all about extremes. Obviously, you don’t want to break any laws. Still, you can put content into the world that leaves people dropping their jaw.

3) Invest in a Sponsorship – If you have a little bit of money to put behind your project, we have just the tip for you. The easiest way to get your content viral is to bring in someone that is already famous. Jeff Wittek hosts a YouTube channel that revolves around barbershop interviews. While he’s been successful, he’s rarely ever gone viral. Jeff decided to bring in a famous YouTuber by the name of Jake Paul in order to boost views for his video. Not only was his barbershop video the most popular video on his channel, it quickly spread to news outlets all over the world. Never underestimate the impact that a social media star can have on your content. Obviously, you don’t have to get an A-lister to sponsor your content. You can also reach out to Google Ads Agency for ideas.

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4) Social Media Engagement – No matter what, you are going to have to engage in social media warfare in order to go viral. SEO marketing firms like JoelHouse can help you to get your content out into the world, but you still need to make sure that you are embracing social media. You need to share your content on the Big 3 social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Each social media platform will have different little tricks that you can take advantage of in order to get your content trending and shared. Take some time to learn the ins and outs of the different major platforms or else just hire a marketing team to handle that for you.

5) Follow the Trends – Going viral is all about remaining topical. You aren’t going to get a ‘Shazam!’ parody to go viral when the film hasn’t been in theaters for months. Instead, pay attention to what is current and what is trending. While this sounds easy, keeping up with pop-culture can be exhausting. Make sure that you are paying attention to trending news, trending keywords, and what’s hot within the pop-culture world. Let’s say that you have a YouTube based on preparing simple meals. If you wanted to potentially go viral, you could take advantage of the current ‘Game of Thrones’ mayhem by naming your dish after one of the characters.

6) Keep Comments On – Going viral isn’t always about what you do. Going viral is about what other people do to your content. If you are going to put out a crazy piece of content for the purpose of going viral, keep your comments on! Some brands and businesses like to disable comments on their bigger posts in order to control what is being said. Don’t worry about that. You want as many comments, shares, likes, and re-tweets as possible. The more people are talking, the more they end up talking about YOU.

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7) Embrace Multimedia – Alright, you aren’t going to get anywhere with a piece of text. You probably won’t get anywhere with a simple YouTube video. You need to take advantage of ALL forms of media. Your viral video should be accompanied by a piece of text that details the action. Your image should come with a link to your YouTube page. So on, so forth. Going viral is sort of like hitting the internet’s jackpot button. Nobody can promise viral attention, but our tips can help you to get on the right track.

  • May 28, 2019