Keyword Cannibalization – Avoiding Is the Key to Improve SEO

Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

Keywords! How important are they to give you online presence? A lot!

What when you use them repeatedly, intentionally or unintentionally to introduce yourself, your business or product throughout the website.

Well! Keyword stuffing will not be the right terminology for this activity. Ever heard of Keyword Cannibalization? If you are a newbie in the world of digital marketing or among your competitors, it’s crucially important for you to understand how and why to avoid cannibalization to improve SEO.

Hold On! Before we delve into the concerned issue, let us give you a brief introduction of keyword cannibalization.

Keyword Cannibalization – A Brief


When a keyword or phrase is used multiple times on different pages of the website, it is called keyword cannibalization. Also, using the keyword or phrase multiple times in title, header tags or anchor text leads to cannibalization.

If you think, avoiding keyword stuffing on a single web page saved you from violating google guidelines. Let us tell, you keyword cannibalization is also something which you should not avoid. It will definitely not take your website to the top rank, but you are cannibalizing your efforts by splitting CTR, audience and conversion rate. Ultimately, you are downgrading your ranking. However, there are many more reason to avoid keyword cannibalization, especially when it comes to SEO.

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Why to Avoid Keyword Cannibalization?


  • It Reduces The Page Authority


Don’t you think, having a high authority of a page is much better over splitting CTR to various similar pages. When search engine reads the keyword on multiple pages, it ranks all the relevant pages. Ultimately, you have competition with your own webpages which owns less conversion rate.

  • It May Violate Google Guidelines. You will definitely don’t want that. But yes, when you use a single keyword on multiple pages, your content will be around the similar context. This may confuse Google and leads to content duplicacy sometimes.
  • It Leads To Poor Quality. SEO is no more about how much efforts or quantity you give to build the backlinks. Instead, it is now quality centric. When a keyword is introduced multiple times in a blog or web content. It gives an impression of poor quality to your audience and undoubtedly, Google.
  • It Fades Impact of Anchor Text and Links. Anchor text and backlinks gives visibility to your website among hundreds and thousands. So, just give it a thought when you create similar backlinks and anchor text on a single website. This also leads to diversion of audience on multiple pages against one authoritative page.
  • It Diminishes Conversion Rate. We are sure you must be having at least one page that give you leads. So, why not focus and use the potential keywords on the authority page and win the customers.
  • It Reduces Crawling Intensity. Must know fact is, Google takes a time period to crawl a website. When an authority page of your website is crawled for a particular keyword, it enhances the conversion rate. So definitely, increasing the crawling budget of the multiple web pages is not a good idea.
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This was enough of why to avoid keyword cannibalization. It’s time for us to relax you by sharing the tactics of getting out of keyword cannibalization, if you are drowned.

Getting Out Of Keyword Cannibalization Is Easy

Of all the times, impact of SEO has been the most crucial concern. Once again, SEO wins! This is why SEO services in India and across are leveraging businesses with a few tactics. Yeah! A few of them discussed below can assist you staying away from Keyword Cannibalization.

  • 301 Redirects Will Do Great

301 redirects gives the relevancy and links juice to the authoritative page. All you need to do is, filter all the pages facing cannibalization and use the best version. Your audience will automatically land to the desired page.

Let us tell you the cheat code to win the game. Use long tail keywords and avoid all the hassles.

  • Canonicals Are The Key

Canonicals could be the game changer. How? If you cannot resist yourself using the prime keyword on each page, just link back the particular term to the canonical source. It will help Google to extract the most relevant version for user’s query.

Winning Over Keyword Cannibalization

Identifying and winning over keyword cannibalization made easy for you. Isn’t it? If you want to rule your competitors and want to see your website among the top rankers, just do not avoid SEO, instead put some efforts and little of smart work to rule the competitors.

  • March 14, 2018