Using WordPress Blog for Blogging

Using WordPress Blog for Blogging

One of the most effective ways of creating a loyal following online is by starting a blog resource. The art of blogging helps to connect both the business and the social parts of life together easily. You can use your blog to communicate to your audience about your products and services while also conversing with them just like you would in a social media platform. Simply put, a blog helps give your business a human face.

Setting up a blog is very easy. It is even much easier if you are using WordPress for this. Actually, you can set up a WordPress blog in less than 2 minutes and be on your way to creating your first post. There are two options to do this. You can use the free-hosted WordPress option by installing WordPress on your own host. This option uses Alternatively, you can go with the free but slightly limited WordPress option available at

For, all you need is a domain and a hosting account. Go ahead and install WordPress on this host using FTP software like FileZilla, or use the available installation scripts within your hosting account. Most of the hosting accounts come with a one-step WordPress installation script.

You can also set up a free WordPress blog via This is also as easy as the self-hosted WordPress blog. You will need to have an email address, a username, a password and a preferred blog address that communicates what your blog is all about.

Both options give you a blog within minutes and you can start connecting with your audience via this blog from day 1. However, if you want to be in more control over your blog, it is highly recommended that you go with the self-hosted WordPress blog from

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WordPress allows you to set up pages and posts. You can create pages for your blog’s main landing page (usually the home page), the about us page, contacts page and probably the products/services page. However, you should tailor your posts to teach and educate your audience. The posts should gear towards preselling your target audience through which you can convert them to buyers.

At the same time, you should use your posts to interact with your audience. On your posts, you should ask your audience to comment, connect with you on social media and even send in their contributions to the post title. Gather feedback, answer questions and guide your audience towards your products and services.

Remember, regardless of whether you are creating a page or a post; you should optimize it both for the humans and the search engines. Create quality and unique content that is engaging and entertaining to your audience at the same time. Let your content trigger the responses you so much desire of your prospects, easily turning them in to your loyal followers and customers.

The bottom line; work with an SEO expert to guide you on the best search engine optimization practices for WordPress so that you stay on top of the search engine results pages for your target keywords and phrases.

  • January 18, 2018