5 Smart Tips to Boost Your First Blog

5 Smart Tips to Boost Your First Blog

Blogging seems easy. You probably have thought about launching a blog at some point. On the flipside, it’s not as easy as it seems. Even if you are a marketer, you might ruin into droughts of inspiration, writer’s block, or have a difficult time scheduling posts consistently. As a blogger, you know too well that you need fresh, captivating and solution packed content. You need to know all the tricks to make you blog into an instant success once you publish.

Many people with the desire to blog need to have a combo of strategies before kicking off. You are not blogging for the sake of it. More so, if you are a marketer, you need to blog to draw traffic and revenue. Anything else may end up as wishful thinking. It doesn’t take rocket science to realise that you need a promotion plan if you want your blog to rank above any competing blog within your industry.  The killer strategy is to integrate your blog content with your social media platforms. You will score higher than expected if you have a unique mysql transaction logs  plan to present each of your posts on chosen platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

#1 Have A Plan

Starting a blog is more than getting your first post published. You need to have a plan, since you need tones of fresh and unique content every now and then. Don’t resort to the copy and paste model. If your posts are to be published on different platforms, you need to have a unique approach since there are different audiences. The same differences need to be factored when you start promoting the blog. Is your business seasonal or does it rely on holidays? You need a plan to create the content and time it right.

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#2 Establish Realistic Posting Frequency

After your blog is up and running, you can decide to post as you wish. Some bloggers will post hourly, while others will do it once or twice a week. It’s important that you readers know when to expect the next post. It pays to create and manage the reader’s expectations for new content. It’s difficult to ignore your huge following once you have promised to post on a given date or interval. With such accountability towards your readership, you will enjoy a constant readership and who knows, they may end up being your number one customer.

#3 Captivating Yet Precise Content

Blog posts vary in length. Before you put down your thoughts on a post, check whether your readers are interested in long or short form posts. You want them to read and take action. If your targeted audience is the type that prefers short reads, don’t overwhelm them with 2, 000 word posts. Remember, you are the blogger and you need to assess your capacity to write impacting posts regardless of the number of words. The secret is to make your readers return for more advice while giving the reasons to share your posts with their networks.

#4 Don’t  Do it Alone

Creating your quality packed blog posts doesn’t have to be done in seclusion. You can be the best writer with killer blog post ideas. However, you can make much more if you include others in your blogging. Guest posts are readily free and more so from professional bloggers who are well polished. Remember, guest posts will amplify your voice and expend your visibility online. Remember to incorporate influencer in your industry; their credibility will do your reputation a lot of favour.

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#5 Encourage Readers To Reach Out

As a professional and reputable blogger, you need to consider the importance of readers’ feedback. There is a lot you can gain from your following. When you act upon readers’ sentiments, it’s easy to polish up on the weak points. Eventually, your blog will come off as a dominant force. Don’t forget to exploit reader comments to come up with better content. It’s advisable that your readers know that there is a real person behind every post they read. The emotional connection will foster connection and loyalty in the long run.

In a nut shell, driving your blog to success is no mean feat. You need to keep crafting strategies to position yourself on top. Your prospects are looking for satisfying and solution packed content. With the right plan, help from influencers and customer feedback, you will achieve your blogging objectives quickly.

  • June 9, 2018