Free For All, But Affordably!

Free For All, But Affordably!

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Going by strict definition, the term ‘affordability’ means being within one’s financial means. But how does one ensure great services (cutting through all that jargon!) without exerting pressure on your financial resources?

The key to this mantra is to look for low-cost web hosting providers, who are inexpensive yet provide unmatched solutions. While the word ‘best’ is highly overrated, knowing your needs as well as prioritizing them can help you make a good choice.

How Do You Choose An ‘Affordable’ Web Host?

So while the ‘Best’ is only a figment of our imagination, and a marketer’s trick, the ‘Affordable’ is easy to find, with patience. The most successful of businesses require meticulous planning. While you may not have much time at hand, the following can help you chart out a simple, fool-proof path to finding a reasonable web hosting provider.

  1. Know Your Needs

No one knows your needs better than you. Questions like  – will Linux or Windows web hosting suit you better? What will the pros and cons of each be? Understandably, you will be flooded with a range of daunting questions. If you can’t figure out what your needs are, reach out for support. Many web hosting providers boast of 24*7*365 email, phone and chat support services. Call them!

There are essentially five kinds of web hosting – Shared, Reseller, Dedicated, VPS and Cloud. Among them, the most affordable is shared hosting. But catching up, and they’re getting more economical as we speak. A good understanding of the kinds of web hosting (described in subsequent posts), along with their advantages and disadvantages, will help you gauge what works best for you.

  1. Prioritize

As an ecommerce platform, you will have an entirely different set of needs as compared to a cooking enthusiast wanting to blog daily. For you (the ecommerce guy) excellent integration services with eBay and Paypal will be priority. Options of online stores and shopping tools, such as catalogs and coupons will come handy. In addition, you will have to confront questions like: what is the level of security required by you? Do you want to buy an entire server? If you have large resources, is it wiser to go for renting, etc?

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Try not to compromise on a lot of your needs; be open to stretch yourself out a little (we‘re talking money here) if you want to be successful online. Prioritization decisions can spell success or failure, especially for those just starting out.

  1. Research

Low-cost web hosting is attractive these days, owing to many packages available. Freebies can be tempting, but beware of what most low cost packages include features like tech support, disk space and bandwidth. However, if you’re smart enough, you’ll understand that the term “unlimited” is quite misleading. Overselling bandwidth and space by hosting companies is a prime example. Majority of the customers  don’t use the amount allotted to them; but if they do, then the company demands an upgradation which will cost more.

To guide you better, a directory of companies that provide affordable w

eb hosting can help you compare the services via infographics, in addition to comparing costs of various plans. This is of great help for those researching with their budget in mind.


  1. Switch!

If you have been with one web hosting provider for long and are unhappy with their services, then moving on is not a bad idea. Choosing a new web hosting service provider can reinvent your entire workings. In addition, you will never realize what potential your business has, if you’re stuck with one company.

You will never know what a lousy choice you’ve made till the time you move to a newer web hosting provider who is as affordable. With the industry edging on high competitiveness, low-cost options are innumerable!

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But if you’re a newbie, and have made a wrong choice the first time around, worry not – this is a learning trajectory (even though it might cost you heavily!). With most companies serving customers a trial period (as compared to a lock-in period)and money-back guarantees, you can be assured of a way-out.

Something For Everyone!

There is no way you will not be able to pick and choose a plan suitable for you. With a gazillion web hosting service providers available globally, and geographical locations not being the slightest of constraints, you can select web hosting plans as per your feasibility!
Warning: At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Don’t have high expectations from a really cheap number!

We suggest, if you are someone who can go that extra bit financially, and don’t wish to spend too much time and resources fretting on web hosting, then buy a plan that’s heavy on the cost but in the long run, pampers you. Remember, good website based management comes with a price tag.

  • January 18, 2018