Blogging for business? Read here why you need business blog and how to boost blog traffic

Blogging for business? Read here why you need business blog and how to boost blog traffic

Regardless of the size of your business, blogging should be an integral part of content marketing. Interesting and engaging content is one of the prime reasons that lead consumers into a website. Blogs add a lot value to your brand and interactions therein will make visitors come back every time they are in need of the service. Blogs also allow sharing of content and as such increases the traffic among potential consumers.

If you think about the different ways that people come across a product/service/website on the internet, there could be three broad categories. This first include audiences who are already familiar with your products/services and rate you high in competition compared to other similar services. However, this is not going to add up to the traffic you are expecting. The second way traffic generation is through paid advertisements and links. However, this has its advantages of being too intrusive, expensive and in some cases even illegal. The second you are out of money, your traffic falls drastically and you no longer are able to continue.

The third and most advised way of attracting traffic is generation of intuitive, creative and interesting content. Even search engines favor original and unique content and rank it among the top results. Blogging solves another ecommerce/business specific problem. In most cases, business websites have hundreds of pages and marketing/updating each of them regularly is a tough ask. However, if you are adding a blog to your website, it doesn’t just add to your SEO efforts but lets the audience know about a variety of services you provide in several categories. Of course, the content needs to be creative as to include the maximum amount of keywords without being inorganic.

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Blogging also presents a better platform to be discovered through social media. An interesting content is more likely to be shared than a specific product itself. People like sharing and today there are dozens of platforms, inclusive of Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Pinterest that encourage consumers to volunteer.

Blogging strategies

When we say that blogging can be a great tool for social marketing, we merely don’t point out to random posts. Blogging for promotion should be followed by some serious marketing strategies.

  1. Identifying audience

Every product or service is directed to a specific part of the demographic. If you are posting an article related to sports cars, the content style should be able to impress people interested in luxury and sporty automobiles. As such you are intending to target the young audiences who have the money to afford the product. Marketing and campaign of such blogs too need to be done in interest specific platform. Research the psychological factors that play a role in influencing this audience. If you are selling sports cars, you might want to focus more on the performance aspects and design rather than the pricing. As such, the mood of the content varies with products

  1. Ensure your brand position

According to studies by Harris Interactive, 4% of dissatisfied customers file a complaint while others simply walk away but they certainly will present their negative experience with your brand when sought advice from.  Make sure you know what your customers expect and try and ensure the elements in your marketing. A common product can be uniquely defined with the help of content.

  1. Define value proposition and develop a clear style
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Every blog that your post should adhere to the sentiment of your product/service. A definitive style guide will make your blog work across a variety of media.

The idea is to engage your customers/visitors in a fruitful experience. Blogs let you be creative and flexible with online marketing.

  • January 18, 2018